Password rejected in Outlook Express 6

  polymath 19:56 08 Oct 2003

I've set up a second email address, for my husband, except for 1 problem. I can send messages from him to me OK, but he can't receive them from me - I get an error message (see below), that his password is invalid.

It's just 1 computer & 1 ISP, and my email address was the only one till now. His address & password is set up at the ISP, and I've checked with them that I didn't mistype the password at their end, and they confirmed that the problem's at my end.

We have the same password, and I was wondering if OE6 has some objection to that? It's the 1st time I've set up an address in OE6 - I set up mine in an older version, and my settings stayed intact when upgrading.

I've tried, repeatedly, keying in his settings again (exactly the same as mine at every level, except name & email address of course).

I also get (when trying to download an email for him) a password dialogue box, already filled in & with 'Remember password' enabled, that I can't clear & do again, cancel or close - it just stays there.

I don't want to set up separate identities if I can avoid it - I'd like to just keep things simple and quick.

Error message (condensed a bit);
Problem logging on to mail server; password rejected. Server response '-ERR authorisation failed; Port 110, Secure (SSL): No, Server Error Ox800CCC90, Error no. Ox800CCC92.

I don't know if the error's a Windows one or what? (I use Win98SE).

A suggestion somewhere was to disable 'remember password', & do it manually each time, but I tried it & it didn't make any difference.

  polymath 21:16 08 Oct 2003


Afraid I won't be able to read any replies till tomorrow evening, but just giving it more of a chance.

  polymath 19:19 09 Oct 2003

Thanks DieSse.

I'll try that - I may not have rebooted when entering the new details again.

Back a bit later...

  polymath 21:11 09 Oct 2003

I tried remaking the 2nd account from scratch. DieSse (rebooting between deleting & creating), but unfortunately it didn't do the trick - same error message). (I also reset after creating the new account.

I'll now see if I can change an existing password at the ISP (not sure if you meant mine, or password 2 which also exists as far as the ISP is concerned?)

Nice to know sharing passwords is still possible in OE6! (I was afraid that maybe it had got nannyish about it).

  polymath 22:24 09 Oct 2003

I didn't change the user name & password on an existing account (I think I'd have to wait till helpline time in office hours for that), but I did set up a 3rd account at the ISP's website and in Outlook Express, deleted account no. 2 in OE & tried again. Still same result.

It looks like the ISP helpline next. Hopefully I'll find out who is using what hymn sheet!

  polymath 18:25 10 Oct 2003

I had the wrong hymn sheet after all that!

I rang my ISP, and it turned out I had the wrong account name in OE, under Servers. I didn't realise the name there had to be the email address before the @.

I was able to have an email address that's simply my name. When cross-checking the properties of the 2 OE accounts, I didn't recognise my account name as my email address. (It's 2 or 3 years since I set it up).

It's all systems go now. Thanks for the help, DieSse.

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