Password question re complete restore on an old pc

  Mezzo 13:12 23 Jan 2003
  Mezzo 13:12 23 Jan 2003

If I use the restore kit on my old pc (AST Advantage 7133), would the original username and password (which ive forgotten as i added about 6 years ago) be wiped too?


  Rowey 13:14 23 Jan 2003

User name and password for what?

  Mezzo 13:19 23 Jan 2003

Oh sorry. Windows 95. I never had to use it when ever i started up the pc, and want to make sure it wont ask me for a password if i reinstall everything on the pc from the 'in the event of hard disk failure' restore disk.

  Rowey 13:28 23 Jan 2003

The password that it would ask you for is a profile password. You can setup different profiles for different people using your machine.

As its not a security username and password so would never stop you logging on and using the computer.

You should be fine to do the restore....

When your setting windows up again and it asks you to enter a new username and password, just enter the name and leave the password blank. It won't ask you for it on boot up then.

  Mezzo 13:31 23 Jan 2003

Thats all I needed to know. Thank you.

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