Password question

  myball123 23:28 08 Jul 2003

Hi there

A neighbour of mine has a laptop running NT.

He has forgotten his NT password. Is there any way that he can reset his password without actually needing his existing password.

I have seen various post regarding deleting files with a .pwl extension in DOS but is this a runner for NT?

If not is the only way forward to re-format the hard drive and completely re-install Windows?

Grateful for your help.


  Forum Editor 23:45 08 Jul 2003

always present us with a dilemma.

On the one hand we want to be helpful, and of course there are ways of doing what you ask.

And on the other hand we're aware of the fact that some people (not you, I know that) might be interested in doing this to gain access to a machine that isn't theirs.

In my experience, people seldom forget a password that they themselves have chosen, and if they do they can usually make a pretty good guess, or several guesses, and eventually get it right.

So as a rule we don't post links to the tools that you need to do this. That saves us from having to use a search engine to look for 'forgotten NT password' or some such phrase............doesn't it?

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