Mr. Chips 08:12 24 Dec 2003

I have written a web-site for our club.
Ideally I would like a password protected section. … but any ideas will be welcome.
Is there any free code which will ask for and validate a user name and password?
I really only need the first letter of the User name and Password validated.
(I don’t fancy running a complicated database to manage all this, but just want those who have paid their subs to be able to get into the ‘closed’ section).
All suggestions thankfully received.
Merry Xmas

  Forum Editor 08:30 24 Dec 2003

is a fairly complex procedure to set up, and involves running scripts on a Unix server. To be honest I wouldn't recommend that you get involved in that unless you want robust security.

A far easier method is to use a Java or Flash-based password program which is easy to set up and administrate. This won't be as secure as the other method, but it will take a person with considerable knowledge and determination to break in. My view, for ordinary sites, is that if they want to get in that much good luck to them - you are hardly likely to have top secret data on a club web site.

Take a look at an excellent little program called Coffee Cup Password wizard 4.0 from
click here (click on the 'Downloads' tab)

I've used it on dozens of clients' sites, and it hasn't given a minute's trouble. It's a piece of cake to set up and maintain.

  Mr. Chips 16:51 24 Dec 2003

I have looked at your responses and will be trying them out over Xmas ..

Very many thanks.

... have a good one.

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