password protect email -- can I?

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 12:32 25 Mar 2005

A quicky [ i hope]is it possible to password protect outlook express so as ONLY I, can read the incoming mail? [there's only 1 account, an thats mine]and if so how?

thanx in advance

  Yoda Knight 12:33 25 Mar 2005

yes ! i dont have access to it right now, but it is an option under user manager (or similar)

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 12:46 25 Mar 2005

couldnt find anything like that on the tabs

  Yoda Knight 12:52 25 Mar 2005

Its under the first menu, that I do know... its the same place where you can setup new users.
try the help files

  bremner 12:57 25 Mar 2005


Tools > Options > Security and then the second box from the bottom is for encryption.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:00 25 Mar 2005

Set up the account so that you need to enter a password each time the mail is checked.


  Belatucadrus 13:03 25 Mar 2005

File / Identities / Manage Identities, click on Properties, then tick the 'Require a password' box in the new 'Identity properties' window, this will open a new 'Enter password' window. Add new password, confirm it then OK all the windows to close.

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 13:04 25 Mar 2005

does that mean i will have to undo the current account & set it up again?

  CHRoNÏÇ DÂWG 13:04 25 Mar 2005

ah ha ok il try it thanx

  BRYNIT 13:05 25 Mar 2005

File/identities/manage identities/properties/require password this will give limited protection, not sure how much as I don't use Outlook Express.

  BRYNIT 13:07 25 Mar 2005

Must type quicker

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