password problems

  vanza 21:31 13 Jan 2003
  vanza 21:31 13 Jan 2003

I am having problem on logging on to my desk top.i recently upgraded to win 200 from me.Now when the login box appears it will not accept any password and will come up with username or password in correct.
I have tried going into bios to change pasword it still comes up with same message.can anybody help???

  Alan-277820 22:53 13 Jan 2003

does windows boot up and then you get the password box or is it before?

  User-312386 22:57 13 Jan 2003

can you click cancel and then boot into 2000?

  Alan-277820 23:02 13 Jan 2003

If it is a windows password, do a search for *.pwl and delete any you find.
Then reboot, put in a user name and click OK - don't put in a password.

If the password comes up as you boot up, you will have to go into the bios and disable it from there.

  LastChip 23:14 13 Jan 2003

Win2K by default, does NOT boot-up with the NumLock enabled, therefore, if you used a password that involves numbers, and you use the number keypad, it will not recognize what you have entered as being correct. If this is the case, make sure you press NumLock and see the light illuminate on the keyboard, before you enter your password.

Just a thought!

As regards going into the BIOS to change a password, as I understand your post, the problem lays when you are trying to log on to W2K. The password for your login does not reside in the BIOS, but in the operating system itself as suggested by Professor1801, therefore, your action in the BIOS will not make any difference.

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