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Password for network access via wireless router

  johnincrete 08:12 01 Oct 2016

I have a TP-Link TL-WR641G router attached to my land line. My desktop and laptop are connected to it using cables i.e in the 5 years I have had it, I have never used the wireless facility and I have no idea what the password is. I now have a smart phone and I want to connect to the internet to use its facilities. The phone "sees" the network and is asking for the password. I am a complete ignoramus concerning this. Is the password a function of the router or the network? How can I reset it? Thanks all

  johnincrete 10:29 04 Oct 2016

I am still a bit confused!!! When I run a app on my phone that requires internet, it offers the wireless networks available. IF I select my own, then I need to put in the password - which I have forgotten. I have successfully accessed the internet when in a taverna that offers free wireless internet and supplies the password (nearly every taverna here). Perhaps I don't need a router password but my network password (if they are not the same thing). Can you help even more?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:29 04 Oct 2016

John, to access the Internet from your own router using wireless you need a password. That's to prevent your neighbours or passers-by from accessing your connection. That wireless password is embedded in your router.

Because you don't know the wireless password you'll need to login to your router then look in the Wireless Settings section and see what it is. Routers are accessed via a web browser using the router's address, which in your case, is

Additionally, your router is protected with a username and password and that's to prevent unauthorised users from fiddling with your Internet connection settings. In your case the username and password are usually admin (all small letters). Make sure you type them in accurately.

We've given you lots of suggestions so try them and feedback the results to us.

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