password needed for network, please help

  Viv-208691 21:44 15 Oct 2004

Hi, ive recently reinstalled win xp and sp2 on a wirelessly networked pc. whenever i try to acces shared docs from another pc it asks for a password (which i dont know and isnt blank). Any ideas how to turn this off?


  JonnyTub 21:51 15 Oct 2004

check your documentation that came with the wireless adaptor, they sometimes use generic ones which are "naed" in the manual.

Try "wlan".

  JonnyTub 21:51 15 Oct 2004


"named" or "given"

  Viv-208691 21:53 15 Oct 2004

ok, will do, hang on a min!!!

Thanks again jonny!

  JonnyTub 21:54 15 Oct 2004

make and model??

  Viv-208691 21:59 15 Oct 2004

linksys wag54g

could it be anything to do with newly installed sp2??

will try you suggestion in a min, pc is currently in use

  JonnyTub 22:01 15 Oct 2004

doubt it's anyhting to do with sp2, unless the problem began straight after install, have you tried your administrator password?

  JonnyTub 22:03 15 Oct 2004

ahh, try the username "admin" same for password.

  JonnyTub 22:04 15 Oct 2004

sorry just "admin" for password if your username is already there.

  Viv-208691 22:05 15 Oct 2004

yeh ive tried my admin password but to no avail

Thanks, will try your suggestion asap

  JonnyTub 22:07 15 Oct 2004

Just to be clear

Username: The one thats already there or if blank type in "admin" or your own username.

Password: Type in "admin" without quotations.

Keep the password "admin" a constant factor when trying different usernames.

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