Password management software?

  Pineman100 17:40 25 Jan 2010

I'm after some software to manage all my various passwords. Ideally I'd like to be able to store a list of passwords, securely hidden behind a "master" password.

I'm prepared to pay for really good software, but if there's a good freeware package, so much the better!

Personally used recommendations much appreciated.

  exdragon 17:46 25 Jan 2010

I've used Whisper for years, it's free and can be downloaded here click here

I've also got Roboform click here which you can try before you buy.

I keep meaning to amalgamate them, but it's another thing I haven't got round to yet.

I'm sure people will also suggest a password protected worksheet!

  rawprawn 17:46 25 Jan 2010

Only one answer from my experience, RoboForm
click here
I have been using it for years, and it is really good. All future updates are free, and it checks regularly.
I have more than 120 passwords stored with one master password.
Not only does it store passwords, but also personal data such as credit cards, which it will fill if asked.

  GaT7 17:55 25 Jan 2010

I would recommend LastPass click here - it's like RoboForm, but free. Firefox & Chrome addons at click here & click here.

I also have the paid-for version of RoboForm (RF) as a backup. You can get an older free version of RF that will save ~30 passwords from click here - choose version 5.7.6. G

  Pineman100 18:35 25 Jan 2010

for your very prompt replies and recommendations.

Roboform looks great, but for the moment I think I'm going to try LastPass. My wife and I both want to use this software, and a 2-user licence for RF is about $45 - enough to make me try the free stuff first!

LastPass seems to do pretty well everything that RoboForm does (as you said Crossbow7). It certainly does everything (and more) that I was looking for.

Crossbow7 - my security software (Norton) didn't like the website. It warned about malware. Have you had any problems?

Anyway, many thanks again to everyone for taking the trouble to give me your suggestions. Much appreciated.

  GaT7 23:29 25 Jan 2010

The Brown Rock, I've been using these for years with none of my details been stolen. G

  GaT7 00:02 26 Jan 2010

"my security software (Norton) didn't like the website. It warned about malware. Have you had any problems?"

No, I didn't have any problems on that site.

I've since found that this particular version is available directly from the RF website click here. Incideentally it's the last free version that can save 30 passwords - the newer free version does only 10. G

  Pineman100 18:21 29 Jan 2010

Thanks again, everyone. I'm currently trying out LastPass, and on brief acquaintance it seems excellent.

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