password forgotten.want to get my password

  abinash484 08:07 08 Jan 2018

i have forgotten my password of hp 2000 laptop having windows 8

  MJS WARLORD 13:40 08 Jan 2018

you will never get anyone to tell you how to bypass or crack a forgotten password because if they did the person who tells you would make it possible for you or anyone to gain unauthorised access to any pc weather at home or in a business.

I have seen this type of question pop up over and over again for many years and everyone refuses to answer it for obvious reasons.

even if you took the pc to a shop with loads of proof of who you are and proof of what is on the pc before they try and crack it I don't think anyone would do it for you even if you agreed not to watch them.

NOTE TO FE.... If you think my post comments should be removed , do it !

  compumac 14:43 08 Jan 2018
  tullie 15:04 08 Jan 2018

MJS,why would FE remove your post?

  MJS WARLORD 16:09 08 Jan 2018

some people who could be up to no good might come on here and ask how to get round a password. that is why I made comments that the question might not get answered.

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