jim63 16:35 27 Jun 2007

I have just been given a Dell Desktop PC with Win 98. I have to type a password but unable to type it. keypad seems okay. How do I get password entered.

  robbiepaul79 16:38 27 Jun 2007

If the keyboard isnt working you dont have much of a chance may i suggest using the keyboard you are using to make this post in the said computer.

  Diversion 16:46 27 Jun 2007

Don't you have an onscreen keyboard under accessories & accessability that you work using the mouse, I think you do on Win 98.

  jim63 16:46 27 Jun 2007

I'm using a laptop at moment. Have tried my other keypad which I know is working but get same problem.

  jim63 16:48 27 Jun 2007

Unable to get any further that screen asking for password.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 27 Jun 2007

What typeof keyboards have you used?

PS2 or USB?

  jim63 17:44 27 Jun 2007


  rodriguez 18:18 27 Jun 2007

It could be that the PS/2 port has gone dry jointed and/or come lose. This happened on my dad's - first on the keyboard then the mouse port went. You could probably re-solder it, but it's probably easier to get a USB keyboard (see if you can borrow a USB keyboard to try first though, just to determine that it's the port that's faulty).

  jim63 22:10 28 Jun 2007

This error message has now appeared: "Failed at checkpoint PWrd. Error 8602 - Auxiliary Device Failure. Keyboard Failure."
Light appears on keypad when pc is switched on

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 29 Jun 2007

Also unplug anything else eg USB devices and retry.

  jim63 20:20 02 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone but have decided not to proceed with pc as it is ancient

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