[DELETED] 14:46 21 Sep 2003

i have a toshiba 2100 with windows xp pro.
there is a windows password and you can also set a supervisor password in the program that toshiba has.
the point is that i have forgotten the supervisor password and i don`t want to reistall,if i can help it.

please help i am sure there is someone out there that has done the same thing.

thanks scunner

  [DELETED] 14:51 21 Sep 2003

SCUNNER do you have a reset password disk by any chance or recovry disks given to you from toshiba when you bought it?

  [DELETED] 15:38 21 Sep 2003

The one and only way to bypass the Power On BIOS password
of a Toshiba Notebook. This method works on all models.

This is what you need:

1. Your notebook
2. An empty formatted diskette (720 kb or 1,44 mb)
3. A second computer (e.g. a DOS desktop PC)
4. A hex-editor (e.g. Norton DiskEdit or HexWorks)

This is what you have to do:

1. Start the desktop PC and start the hex-editor
2. Put the disk in drive A:
3. Change the first five bytes of sector 2 (boot sector is sector 1) to: 4B 45 59 00 00
4. Save it! Now you have a KEYDISK
5. Remove the disk from drive A:
6. Put the disk in the notebook drive
7. Start the notebook in Boot Mode (push the reset button)
8. Press Enter when asked for Password:
9. You will be asked to Set Password again. Press Y and Enter.
10. You now see the BIOS configuration where you can set a new password.

Havent tried it personally, but apparently it works!!

  [DELETED] 15:43 21 Sep 2003

All you need is a blank (and I presume formatted 3 1/2 floppy. click here

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