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  rocketbob 15:42 07 Mar 2011

i want to transfer a photo from my moblie phone to my pc to make a passport photo, i used windows paint but when i print it out the photo comes out to big. i am using a hp printer c4580. is there any better programes i could use for free,0r is it my printer

  wiz-king 15:49 07 Mar 2011

I hope you meet the conditions click here you should be able to alter the size in Paint.

  Terry Brown 15:55 07 Mar 2011

If you have any version of Microsoft word, once you have downloaded the the photo to your computer, copy and paste to word, use the arrows to adjust size and print.

Or you could download some free software from SERIF to do the job.

click here


  rawprawn 16:06 07 Mar 2011

try this click here

  BT 17:02 07 Mar 2011 try to do it yourself. The requirements are such that unless you get it right your application will be rejected and you will still have to get it done properly.
You may get away with it for things like ID cards and Bus passes but the Passport office is very particular.

We had ours done for under £5 at Timpsons in the local Tescos. You get six copies and they are guaranteed to meet the requirements. Went in before doing the shopping and they were ready after we had finished.

Its unlikely that a mobile phone picture would be suitable, and have you got the correct background. The place where we went used a quality digital camera in front of a pale grey background,and presumably a printer that complies with the Passport office requirements.

More Information
click here

note the printing requirement

"Photos must be printed on high quality photographic not inkjet paper"

  rawprawn 17:28 07 Mar 2011

I did it myself using a similar program to my link, however you need to be very careful to fullfill all the statutary requirements.

  anchor 13:10 08 Mar 2011

I first looked on the official government site to study in detail the regulations. I then took some pictures in our conservatory against a neutral background, using my excellent digital camera. After adjusting quality and cropping, etc, I then used this free site to obtain a printing sheet.

click here

In view previous discussions as to whether home printed pictures are acceptable, I uploaded the jpg sheet to Jessops on line, paid 25p, and arranged to collect from my local branch. Excellent prints.

I cut out 2 individual shots and sent them off with the form. Passport came back a couple of weeks later; no problems.

  PaulsonW 14:08 08 Mar 2011

The authorities are very strict. My friend went to a proper photographer, then applied through the post office's check and sent facility but the photos were rejected. This method saved him a lot of hassle and he had to get them redone. It saved him time and money in the long run.

  VLADTHEOGRE 14:41 08 Mar 2011

Use Irfanview: Free and very very good.

But like others, for this particular job, I'd use a proper passport machine. No contest.

The passport Office are VERY picky....and rightly so!

  anchor 16:01 08 Mar 2011

It is not at all difficult to ensure your pictures meet the requirements.

On the government web site you can download guides and pro-formas by which you can ensure that they meet the regulations. In fact, these are the same that the Post offices use when you pay to have your application checked.

  BT 16:47 08 Mar 2011

I'm sure many people are perfectly able to produce a picture of the required quality but its the printing requirements that I mentioned before that will not usually be possible.

"Photos must be printed on high quality photographic not inkjet paper"

As anchor said he sent his pictures to Jessops who would probably have used a modern laser type photo printer to print on photographic paper as they will do when you take in your film/memory card. Modern photo printing machines scan the image onto photo paper, even film negatives are scanned now, not printed by shining a light through them as used to be the case.

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