ronroam 19:19 04 Oct 2005

Can anyone tell me the quickest, simplest way to transfer the programmes currently stored on my Dimension 4100 to my new Dimension 5100 due to be delivered shortly?

This will be only my second home pc so I have not encountered this task before.


  mattyc_92 19:21 04 Oct 2005

Erm.... Install them.....

  johnnyrocker 19:22 04 Oct 2005

i think the easiest way would be to get an external usb caddy plug it in to usb port of new pc (with old hard drive in it) and transfer across (unless someone knows better)


  bremner 19:24 04 Oct 2005

To expand on what mattyc is saying - the only way to successfully get the programs onto the new machine is to physically install them.

You can not 'transfer' programs from one hard drive to another. This is because entries are made in sytem files when the installation is undertaken.

You can of course tranfer your files such as documents, spreadsheets, mp3 etc

  VoG II 19:25 04 Oct 2005

Documents and settings click here click here

Programs will have to be installed.

  johnnyrocker 19:34 04 Oct 2005

apologies i misread your post as i have installation exe on seperate drive and thought you wanted to do the same sorry.


  ronroam 20:47 04 Oct 2005

Well, you've definitely confirmed to me that I will have to install rather than being able to transfer all the programmes.(Yes, Matty, probably fundamental
to some of you, I suppose!)

Thanks VoG for the link; at least I can transfer files and documents using a direct cable, as one of the most straightforward of the options.

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