Pass Word Keeps Changing

  number1barnacle 18:22 15 Jul 2003

When I try lo log on with my laptop, running windows XP Home Edition, my I.S.P. (BT) changes my password.
I've tried for weeks to find out why this happens. A friend told me I have corrupted files some where, but offered no advice. I'm hoping some one on this fantastic site can help me out on this.....

  VoG II 18:26 15 Jul 2003

Are you sure that it is actually changing or does it show a different number of **** than you typed in?

  DieSse 18:27 15 Jul 2003

Windows XP always pads out your password to 12 dots, irrespective of how many characters are actually in your password. It's a security feature, not a fault.

  graham√ 18:29 15 Jul 2003

Are you trying the correct 'case', that is upper or lower? Passwords are usually case sensitive. I shouldn't think BT would change your password, do they email your password when you can't log in?

  number1barnacle 20:48 16 Jul 2003

Sorry for delay in getting back to you all.
VoG has a point, it does give me a different number of **** But when I try to log on with the amount of *** given, I still get the same responce, ie. check settings. DieSse... even so I still get the same result..In responce to graham? I have tried both without success. I can type my pass word in, go back, then forward and it has changed....Help....

  graham√ 21:02 16 Jul 2003

Can you tell us how you know your password has changed? 'Check settings' indicates a different problem. Can you not log in to the internet?

  mammak 22:00 16 Jul 2003

number1barnacle, xp doe,s this when you come up too your pass word phase it out( all the dot,s i mean ) and type in your own, wins doe,s this to portect you , it,s a pain but at least you know no one can log into your account, regards Mammak

  number1barnacle 23:05 17 Jul 2003

graham? Yep, I can log on but can't display the page.
I get the message click 'Reset' or 'Check your Settings' I am assumimg Password has changed because of the No. of **** that are displayed in my settings, but as DieSse suggests it might not be that......

Mammak....I've tried that without success, i've used the *** given as default..Typed my own, used none at all, etc.

I might be wrong in thinking it is a Password problem but this seems to be the reason I can't get any further than just logging on....I have copied all my settings from my desktop (Win 98 2nd.) to the letter, but I'm still told to 'Check my Settings'

  jazzypop 23:17 17 Jul 2003

Just to eliminate the password / **** problem -

Several times now, I have been asked to sort out a 'password problem'. A user has tried to access the Web, and received an error page which included the advice to check their password.

Seeing the 12 asterisks that XP places in the password box, and therefore assuming that the password must have been wrongly set, the user enters their (correct) password.

Unfortunately, they do not first highlight the asterisks, but simply click in the password box and start typing. Therefore, the correct password gets added to the end of what was probably already a correct password, now creating a wrong password.

In other words, the original (correct) 'smith' becomes 'smithsmith'. After a few more attempts, they end up with a password of 'smithsmithsmithsmithsmithsmith'. As XP is set to 'remember my password', this problem just keeps on compounding itself.

The answer, of course, is to delete the asterisks first, then carefully re-enter the correct password (remembering that passwords are CasE SenSiTive).

Assuming that this is not the cause of your difficulties, the next things to check are the Connection settings in Control Panel > Internet Options.

Can you remind us which ISP you are with? Is it BT Openworld? And can we assume you are using a standard modem, or are you on ADSL?

  graham√ 23:17 17 Jul 2003

Too late for me, I will check in the morning.

  number1barnacle 23:33 17 Jul 2003

will catch up. Give me some time as from 20th. can only get online via Library services (holidays)

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