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Pass through power adapters question

  ponytail 13:46 10 Dec 2018

I am looking to get some pass through power adapterss and have spotted some decent ones.But could someone tell me what the difference between pass through adaptors and the following is and which is the best.Thanks. click here

  Jollyjohn 15:58 10 Dec 2018

Pass Through adapters use the mains wiring in the house to connect to each other and spread the wifi network through the house. The pass through bit means you don't lose a socket when they are plugged in.

The link goes to Wifi Mesh devices. These extend the range of a wifi network but each device MUST be in range and receive a reliable wifi signal in order to rebroadcast it. Some Mesh devices can be hard wired - ethernet - if needed to provide wifi in all corners of a house.

  howard64 12:48 11 Dec 2018

I have two Power link adaptors. The one next to my router is connected to the router with an ethernet cable. The second one is plugged into the mains next to the pc I wish to connect to the internet. An ethernet cable is then connected from that to the pc. A pass through device just has a 13A. socket on the front of it so that you still have the use of the socket the device is plugged into. You can also get adaptors which give out a wi-fi signal at the far end so that for example a laptop with built in wi-fi can get the signal without being connected with an ethernet cable.

  ponytail 11:50 12 Dec 2018

Hi Howard64 So if I get adapters which give out a Wi-Fi signal I will not have to connect the second adaptor to the PC as the PC will pick up the signal wirelessly.Can I then if I take a PC into a different room just plug the second adaptor in that room to receive internet.If I want to get these adapters what are they called or what do I search for.

  525kev 13:52 12 Dec 2018

I purchased some powerline adaptors by Netgear.............Very intermittent signal so they got thrown in the useless bin

  Pine Man 16:02 12 Dec 2018

Use TP Link adaptors.

I have used them for many years without any issues whatsoever.

At the moment I have a TL PA8030P Kit which contains two adaptors..

One adaptor is in my study and is plugged into the mains and has a cable from the router/modem into it. The other adaptor is in my living room, plugged into the mains and connected by cable to my TV and two recorders. This device has 3 ports but you can buy them with 2 or 1 ports depending on how many devices need attaching.

In a different room I have a TP Link WIFI extender, which is plugged into the mains and allows WIFI access to laptops, iPads and iPhones in parts of the house that are too far from the modem to pick up a signal.

  howard64 10:53 15 Dec 2018

yes you can move the second adaptor to any room. You might even find that with experimenting you find a position which gives a good signal in many rooms. The following is one reasonable one on Amazon. TP-Link TL-WPA4220 2-Port Add-On Powerline Adapter, Range Extender, Broadband/WiFi Extender, WiFi Booster/Hotspot, No Configuration Required, UK Plug by TP-LINK £36.98£49.99Prime Save 26% Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 16 Eligible for FREE UK Delivery 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,078 Product Features ... powerline network and start enjoying fast, seamless wired/wireless ...

  ponytail 14:01 17 Dec 2018

My situation is as follows the router is downstairs where the phone socket is we have a phone socket in what was a childs bedroom which my wife uses for clothing and there is a phone plugged in there which works.There is no phone socket in either bedroom which is where the laptops are situated so I need three adapters one to connect to the router and one each for the two laptops.Would anything that has been mentioned be suitable.Thanks for the replies

  difarn 14:11 17 Dec 2018

You don't plug the adapters into phone sockets. You will put the first one in a power socket near to your router then connect your router to that by ethernet cable. You need to make sure that your home plug has an ethernet connection. I would recommend that you opt for ones that have both ethernet and wifi capabilities. You then have to pair the other adapters. The best way to do this is to put them in a socket near to the one you have already installed, pair them and then put them where they are to be used. You can then connect your other devices via ethernet or wifi. If you are short of power sockets it is possible to buy adapters that also have a pass-through socket enabling you to have a free socket for other devices.

I have been using TP Link adaptors for quite some time now and they are very successful.

click here

  howard64 12:15 19 Dec 2018

as I said previously once the first one is connected to your router with an ethernet cable the other one is plugged into a power socket where you wish to use the laptop. If the two rooms you mentioned are close to each other by experimenting with the position you may be able to find a position which gives a good wi-fi signal in both rooms so that only one unit will do for both.

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