Pasport photos, simplest way?

  Ray5776 19:30 16 Jun 2006

Hello everyone,
I need to take some Pasport & Driving license photographs for myself and several of the family.
Before you say "go to a booth and spend £2" I would if they were any good but they are not in my experience.

I have done this before using a very simple program but I cannot remember what it was or find the disk.

Has anyone any suggestions please for an easy way.
I can no doubht find some very sophisticated photo editing software that will do it but I do not want to spend the weekend learning how to use it, just want to take photos and print easily.


  Fellsider 19:36 16 Jun 2006

If you are renewing these documents, scan the existing photos, then print them on photo paper.

You could of course take pictures with a digital camera then print them, However....

Check if a particular coloured background is needed, I think passport photos need a specific colour.

  woodchip 19:41 16 Jun 2006

click here
No nothing about it.

  woodchip 19:42 16 Jun 2006
  woodchip 19:45 16 Jun 2006

This is for UK Passport Photos click here

  Ray5776 19:45 16 Jun 2006

Thanks Fellsider.
I need new up to date photos, I have all the hardware
I need just want an easy program to use.
As I say I have done this before and I am aware of the specific requirements.


  Ray5776 20:17 16 Jun 2006

thanks woodchip, looks like your first link would do it online. I just recall having used such a simple freebie thing in the past if only I could think what it was, I am sure it was on a PCA cover disk but must be about 4yrs ago.

  GroupFC 22:41 16 Jun 2006

Be very careful if you sre going to down the do-it-yourself route see click here

Although this is an old story, I vaguely recall reading something similar very recently! click here

  Ray5776 23:15 16 Jun 2006


  Clint2 02:14 17 Jun 2006
  Roadgiant 07:28 17 Jun 2006

I've found this one very helpful in the past :-
click here

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