Partly built PCs

  bluto1 10:46 14 Sep 2006

I saw a reference here to a company that sells partly built PCs. Can anyone give give me a link please?

  rickf 10:53 14 Sep 2006

Try Novatech> Lots of others do as well.

  Strawballs 11:00 14 Sep 2006

click here That is the Novatech site
Put barebones PC into google and this is the list
click here=

  bluto1 13:11 14 Sep 2006

Thanks a lot lads, moch appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 13:21 14 Sep 2006

Komplett do some nice ones as well click here branded components but they are more pricey than the Novatech ones.

Incidently I built a PC using one of the Novatech barebones systems as was rather pleased with it. Its not a mega PC or anything but its good value for the money. And I bought an OEM copy of XP for it at the same time.

  bluto1 14:05 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for your input. What you have done is about the same as I intend. Although the budget is fairly limited I intend to get a decent,(not top of the range), Graphics card and install Vista when it hits the streets. Obviously a long term project, with the ear to the ground all the time. Again thanks.

  bluto1 14:07 14 Sep 2006

Sorry mate, I only got half of you last time.

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