LizSan 15:09 21 Jun 2003

I have recently purchased a new computer with Windows XP in dutch installed. My partner is happy with this but I would like to instal Windows XP in English - my question is can we run both these programs on the same computer and how do I go about this - is it simple? do I need extra software? and can I do it myself?

  powerless 15:14 21 Jun 2003

Two XP installations on the same computer can be acheived.

One dutch and one English installatiuon.

You would need two partitions. One to install the Dutch XP and one to install the English XP.

How many partitons do you have?

You also have the XP disk?

  LizSan 15:57 21 Jun 2003

Yes I have the XP disk. At present I only have one partition. Do I need extra software in order to install 2 partitions?

  powerless 16:08 21 Jun 2003

Well it can be done cost free, by reformatting the drive and then creating two partitons.

Then installing the dutch and english XP's to each partiton.

It will take a little while but as it's free you cannot really complain.

If you want to keep everyhting as it is. Then you would need Partition Magic to resize the current partition and then you can create another one. click here

My way would be to reformat and install two XP's as its free. But whatever you do firstly make backups of the files and folders you would like to keep.

  Bebee 16:27 21 Jun 2003

I don't know about this really, but can't you have two users with different regional settings, so that when you log on to windows you get the setting you want?

If not wouldn't it be easier to simply change the region setting when you need to?

Just an idea, and I don't use XP much, but I would have thought it should be possible.

  Bebee 16:28 21 Jun 2003


Regional settings are in the control panel in Win ME - same for XP?

  Bebee 17:20 21 Jun 2003

Having thought about it (and woken up properly)that would only change things like keyboard settings etc. There is a Partition program on one of the magazine cover disks. I saw it this morning - not sure which one. I'm using Partition Manager I got recently from a cover disk - no problems, works fine.

  pj123 18:19 21 Jun 2003

You could also try Ranish from click here this is a free disk partition and management system. It will partition your disk without losing anything already on it.

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