Partitions query

  cowgirl66 16:49 02 Mar 2010

I am wondering if I can improve on size of my Disc space before upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista.

It has 3 partitions,

C: Partition NTFS System,Boot, Page file, Active, Crash Dump, Primary.

D: Partition Simple, Basic, FAT32

and 9MB of unallocated space.

This is how the Disc space was arranged when I upgraded from Windows XP to Vista and I was simply wondering if it would make it easier to upgrade if I had fewer partitions.

Regards cowgirl66

  GaT7 17:16 02 Mar 2010

What are the sizes of the main partitions C & D?

If you don't have the right partitioning tools, it will take some doing, & the availability of another drive to temporarily store backups.

If the main system C: partition is large enough for Win7, I'd suggest leaving the partitions as they are.

The 9Mb unallocated space may be there for a reason, & is too small to make any difference in enlarging the other partitions. G

  cowgirl66 17:19 02 Mar 2010

C partition is 187GB and D partition is 4.6 GB.

  GaT7 17:35 02 Mar 2010

It looks good as it is.

The C partition is a good size (that's unless you're running out of space on it - in which case you need to buy a larger drive).

And the D partition is insignificantly small compared to the C partition, so won't make much difference if you merged the two. Without the right tools, it could also mean a lot of trouble for next to no benefit. G

  canarieslover 18:52 02 Mar 2010

At 4.6GB and formatted as FAT32 it looks as if the D: partition is a recovery partition for XP that was originally installed on the computer. If you are never going back to XP you should be able to delete the partition and then reclaim that space when you are running Windows 7.

  Simsy 19:18 02 Mar 2010

don't forget to back up your data first!!!



  cowgirl66 10:09 03 Mar 2010

Firstly, thank you for all your replies. Yes the D partition was put there after XP was upgraded and I think I remember a friend just deleting it.

What I can tell you about it is that there is a System Restore folder in there going back to 2006 and something called "$UpgDrv$" 02/03/2010 which may be in there due to failed attempt to upgrade to Windows 7. I am still in Vista thanks to roll back.

  cowgirl66 11:27 05 Mar 2010

All is now fine, I have now got Windows 7 in the computer and the partition is there just like before. I shall play it wisely and leave it alone!

Regards cowgirl66

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:53 16 Mar 2010

Help pleasse.

Not me, but a friend, who is running Vista is getting this message - I am checked all over the place but cannot find anything that I understand to be the answer to the problem - any ideas what can be done please?

What I can say is that this appears to be a partition, so i am thinking what is causing it to be updated and can I not stop that, and can I delete things friom it as well?

Help please.

  Jonah(without the whale) 19:57 16 Mar 2010


I thought I was starting a new thread - my apololgies. An accident honest.

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