Partitions and 2 HD's

  Siberian Winter 15:07 14 Jun 2003

I have a system using 2 hard drives, the main c: drive is a 30 GB drive and my secondary drive is an 80 GB drive. My problem is that the c: drive is filling up. I'm running Win XP on c: and Win 98 on the big drive. I believed it was possible to partition the large drive so that some of it is allocated to the c: partition. I have, erm, acquired Partition Magic 6, but I can find no option that allows this. Can anyone help? Thanks

  Terry Brown 16:03 14 Jun 2003

I will not assist THIEVES ??, because that is what software piracy is.

  Siberian Winter 18:04 14 Jun 2003

Thanks to all except Terry Brown (sanctimonious git). Partition Magic 6 (an old version) was given to me by a workmate who bought version 7. He didn't want anything for it. Is that piracy? If so, then yo-ho-ho, hoist the jolly roger. I'm off to sail the Spanish Main.

  wee eddie 07:52 15 Jun 2003

gave the impression that the version you had was not entirely kosher.

I believe that you just partition the drive, giving yourself Drives D, E, F, G & H. You then work on your normal C drive and store on whichever drive you chose.

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