User-211239 20:41 15 Nov 2004

can someone explain how they work,if Ihave xp on one partition and word etc on another can they still work ok

  Dorsai 21:15 15 Nov 2004

It should be ok.

If you have Xp on c:, and in Xp, Install 'whatever program' and chose to put it 'there:' XP will expect the program to be 'there:' and so will look for it 'there:'

Where 'there:' is dont matter, as long as the prog stays 'there:'

I hope this makes sence.

  woodchip 21:19 15 Nov 2004

Loading a Program on a Hard Drive with One Operating System can be loaded to any partition and it will work. But not all the files are loaded to that partition, some go on to the same partition as the Operating System.

  Dorsai 21:23 15 Nov 2004

Partitions are just deviding one big space up, into several smaller spaces, that add up to roughly the same size (the fence takes up some space).

One big field, put a fence up (or several fences), and have two fields (or lots). the fence can go anywhere, it just devides the space up into pieces.

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