PartitionMagic Demo...Why?

  SDJ 13:32 17 Jan 2003
  SDJ 13:32 17 Jan 2003

I downloaded the trial versions of Drive Image and Partition Magic and although I do plan on purchasing both packages I was surprised that the Partition Magic software was practically useless as it doesnt allow you to make any partitions.

Yesterday someone on this forum stated that they do an image of their HDD every Friday without question, I am curious it took me about 3/4s of an hour to do... does that sound right?

  leo49 13:58 17 Jan 2003

How long to image? How long's a piece of string? - Impossible to give a general answer as it depends on how big the partition you are imaging is and whether you're imaging to HDD or direct to CDR.


  €dstow 14:28 17 Jan 2003

T'was me that said we do a backup every Friday afternoon.

We reserve Friday afternoons for housekeeping which includes a full system backup of all machines. Whilst this is going on we have our weekly studio meeting where all staff attend and we open a couple of bottles of wine and eat a few cakes.

I have just got back from M&S at Marble arch with the said wine and cakes. We start the backups at about three o'clock and have our meeting at the same time. When we've finished, the backups have as well - this is about an hour - an hour and a half.

It doesn't cause us any problem and the confidence it gives knowing that in the event of a disaster happening to your main hard drive, you can be up and going again within the hour is immense.

So, yes, it does sound about right if you have more that a few gigabytes of information to backup. Please don't neglect doing it on a regular basis if you value what's inside your computer.

Going now to do the backup. Will return later when it's done!

BTW: we backup on to a second hard drive which has been partitioned by Drive Image itself to provide the optimum partition size. The remainder of the drive we use for data storage.


  €dstow 16:00 17 Jan 2003



  SDJ 17:35 17 Jan 2003

Hope those cakes were good!

Cheers €dstow

  Rogerfredo 18:14 17 Jan 2003

If you create an image of your C drive on another hard drive, you can back up about 4 Gb in 10 minutes, (I do on my system)

  €dstow 18:27 17 Jan 2003

Yes the cakes were very good.

Regarding the speed, I never bothered taking notice before today but Drive Image told me when it got going that one 40Gb drive with nearly 20Gb used would be completed in one hour ten minutes. This equates approximatel with what OzzyOs says.

The speed of the operation I would think depends on the CPU speed and perhaps other things.

Please don't neglect doing a backup though, however long it takes. Can you imagine the sinking feeling you must get if you realise one day that everything on your machine has been lost!!!

I should point out as well that we do a daily incremental backup - that is files that have changed that day and also save files frequently such that there is the minimum amount of work lost in the case of any breakdown or failure.

Going home now. Have a nice weekend!


  flecc 19:08 17 Jan 2003

The demos have to be practically unusable or they would stop any future sales. The reason is simple, both Drive Image and Partition Magic include rescue floppies which are in fact the full programs which run from the A drive. Not only that, even the oldest versions of those will image or partition virtually any system, including XP.

Once you've accesses to produce those floppies, that's the end of any chance of a sale!

This is reflected in the fact that you don't have to enter the correct registration number when installing the programs, any old number will do, simply because the floppies do the job on any computer without installing the program!

  Ticketyboo 20:30 17 Jan 2003

does that mean that PM7 will run XP?

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