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  Genius1 18:30 09 Jun 2006

I have a 250GB hard drive. Using ‘Computer Management’ on Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005, I can see that of this, 229GB is the ‘(C:)’ volume (85% free) and 4.69GB is the ‘RECOVERY’ volume (53% free). The (C:) volume is NTFS format and the RECOVERY format is FAT32 format. There is 55Mb unallocated.

How can I partition the C: drive so that I can install Vista Beta 2 on it? How much space would I need to do this? Is it possible to partition this volume without formatting it first? Am I right in thinking that installing Vista Beta 2 onto a partition would not alter my existing setup – ‘(C:)’ and ‘RECOVERY’ volumes? Sorry for my ignorance – when it comes to software I’m fine, but hardware is a bit more complicated to say the least! Thanks in advance...

  Genius1 10:23 10 Jun 2006


  Diversion 16:35 10 Jun 2006

You can partition your C: drive using Partition Magic and it relocates any files that need moving. I would suggest using 20 to 30GB for Vista at least, because you will want to install other software to really put it through its paces. I am trying it on my PC along with Office 2007 Pre-release it looks really good.

  Genius1 16:45 10 Jun 2006

Thanks Diversion. If I use Partition Magic, will my existing C: install be unaffected?

Also, can I use the free trial of Partition Magic to do this or do I need the full version? I'm guessing I can't just use XP's Computer Management? If I need the full version, is there any free software that will enable me to do this? Thanks...

  Diversion 16:53 10 Jun 2006

I'm using the full version of Partition Magic and yes it leaves the rest of your C: drive intact, I think the free version should do the same or why would they bother with making a free version.

  Genius1 16:58 10 Jun 2006

Thanks Diversion, will give this a try.

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