Partitioning-v-virtual memory

  Silly Me 13:35 16 Oct 2003

My son has partitioned his C drive but this leaves only 2.00 GB (NTFS) on his C drive. In total he has 512GB. His Disk Management screen shows (C:) Partition Basic NTFS Healthy 2.00gb
(D:) Partition Basic NTFS Healthy 55.27gb

In System Properties\Performance Options\Virtual Memory page shows:

Drive [Volume label] Paging File Size (MB)
(C:) 768-1141
(D:) [Storage]

He needs to know how to move all from C to D.

Many thanks for any help you can give.


  The Spires 13:47 16 Oct 2003

From my understanding of your post he really needs to re-partition to leave around I think 10 - 15 Gig for Windows to be happy in, as you are using NTFS I assume this is XP we are talking about. Windows XP might just work on 2 Gig but the operating system needs room to breath as it were and I think you will have problems unless you increase the space on C:\. XP needs to be on C:\ drive, it can't start the Pc from D:\ or any other, & as there are files you can't see that are required for the Pc to start you can't move the operating system simply. Did he use a Partitioning program to alter his drive?

  Silly Me 14:06 16 Oct 2003

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am pretty sure my son used a Partitioning program and he is running on Windows 2000

  The Spires 14:12 16 Oct 2003

It should be pretty simple to start the pattitioning program & move space from D:\ to C:\, let us know how you get on. :-)

  Silly Me 15:44 16 Oct 2003

Does this mean he has to re-partition from scratch? Sorry to appear thick.

  leo49 16:03 16 Oct 2003

If he's got 3rd party Partitioning software like Partition Magic,it's simply a matter of using it to reduce the size of D to allow him to expand C to encompass the resulting free space[as The Spires said].Such software accomplishes this without loss of data.He can't do this using Windows alone.

  leo49 16:08 16 Oct 2003

Just to clarify my last sentence: if he hasn't got 3rd-party software then to repartition using Windows means starting from scratch.

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