Partitioning help please

  Viv-208691 15:33 02 Jul 2004

Hi there, my xp pc has a 40gb harddrive which my friend has recommended to me i should 'partition.' He informed me that i should split my harddrive into 3. 1st part will be used for win xp itself, 2nd part will be used for my files, programs etc and 3rd part wil be used to hold a program called 'ghost' which will make regular backups of my harddrive.

Unfortunately my friend has gone sailing for 3 weeks but has left me with 'partition magic 8.' Can someone please inform me of what my first few steps should be (baring in mind i would like to keep a small percentage of whats on my harddrive at the moment)

Thnankyou, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  sil_ver 15:56 02 Jul 2004

first you need to backup any files you want to keep to CD or other media, then create a set of P'magic floppies (to boot from). You may be able to partition your drive from within windows using P'magic depending on how much is already stored. PartitionMagic has a good help wizard.

  Viv-208691 16:01 02 Jul 2004

do i have to back them up to cd etc? could i put them onto a specific place on my pc then access them again later?

  sil_ver 16:06 02 Jul 2004

It would be risky IMHO to store anything on the HDD prior to partitioning. Doing a defrag first might keep everything at the beginning of the drive but as I say it's risky.

  €dstowe 16:16 02 Jul 2004

I consider a 40GB disc or partition the minimum size that's of any use in such a space hungry system like WXP.

40GB partitioned into three gives you not a lot of room on each and it is surprising how quickly a small partition can fill up.

Also bear in mind that it is not the best idea to keep your backup on the same hard drive as the thing it is backing up. If the drive goes base over apex, you are in the proverbial.

  Viv-208691 16:53 02 Jul 2004

hmm, ok. if i still decide to partition my drive how much space would be required for xp itself?

I have never got close to filling up the 40gb before (only use around 15)

Also, what is IMHO??

Many thanks

  sil_ver 16:54 02 Jul 2004

IMHO In My Humble Opinion

  Viv-208691 17:09 02 Jul 2004

ah ok! please answer other question too if poss!


  Mango Grummit 17:17 02 Jul 2004

If you have confidence in your friend then I suggest you await his return. 3 weeks you say. What's the rush?

  Viv-208691 17:45 02 Jul 2004

ok thankyou. maybe i wil wait!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 02 Jul 2004

These days there is no point in partitioning. Partitioning was useful for small drives and power hungry programmes but with huge drives and mad-sized processors there is no need.

In any case, anyone who stores a disk image on the same disk as the original programme is stark raving bonkers. If anything happens to the HD they are up the proverbial creek.

I would suggest that you get an external HD and dump all your data/documents etc. onto that. You only need a 40Gb external HD and it will pay for itself in no time.


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