Partitioning the hard drive for Dual-Boot

  homer4god 10:59 10 Jan 2003
  homer4god 10:59 10 Jan 2003

What would be the best way to partition the hard disk so that I could run both Windows Me and Xp on my system.

The Hard drive will be clean so I need the step by step aproach.

  BRYNIT 11:27 10 Jan 2003
  Quiller. 11:43 10 Jan 2003

Your best way would be to fdisk first, to split your hard drive. You must decide how you are going to allocate the space. Remember x\p needs more than Me.

To start fdisk you would need a bootup floppy, the best is a 98 one. You can get one from here.

click here

When you have the boot floppy insert it in drive A and start the computer. Let it load, you will then have 3 options. Pick start with c\drom support. Let this load and you will the come to A:\ now type A:\ fdisk and enter.

It will ask you about large disk support. Press y.

You will now have a screen with 4 options.

Pick option 3 " delete a logical drive" or similar. and enter.

You will now have a screen with 4 different options. Pick option 1 and enter.

It will now scan the drive and wipe the fat off.

When this is finished press esc. tab.

You will now be back to the original 4 options.

This time pick option 1 " create a logical drive" or similar. and enter.

The next screen will have 4 options. pick option 1 and enter.

It will now scan the drive for size again and then it will ask you IF YOU WANT TO USE 100% of the disk. Pick n and put either the percentage or size in megabytes you want for drive C " Me".

I would suggest if your hard drive is say 40 gig then have 40% = C and 60 =D.

When this is done it will list what drive c is in size and a percentage of the full drive.

Press esc. tab again to get back to the main screen.

Pick option 1 again and enter. On the next screen you want to pick option 3." create an extended partition" press enter.

This will then show you the remaining space for the hard drive. It will ask you if you want to use 100%. say y.

It will scan and write. when finished it should show both C+D and there sizes. press esc.

You must now check to see if drive C has been made active "A".

To do this pick option 2 " make a drive active" and enter. If it shows an A on the C drive this is o.k. If not then highlight C and make it active. Keep pressing esc, until it tells you to format the drive.

Restart computer- fdisk done.

To load the operating systems you will have to format first.

Floppy back in drive A, start up.

Pick option start with c\drom support again and let it load. When it gets to A:\ type A:\ format c: and enter. Let it do it's job and when finished it will ask for a volume label. All this means is do you want to call drive C any thing. Type any name if you do or just press enter if you do not.

When finished you will be back to A:\ now type A:\ format d: and do the same.

This will format both drives. Restart.

Now you are ready to load Me.

Boot up with floppy again and pick start with c\drom support. Just read as it loads and it will tell you which drive letter has been assigned to your c\drom. Probably drive letter "F"

Insert your Me disk in the drive and change A:\ to F:\ and type F:\ win-me I think that is the right command, it is a while since I used Me.

If this does not work type F:\ dir and it will give you the right path for the exe.

This will load Me on the drive C. When this is loaded. Load your drivers on.

Now to install x\p. Boot to windows Me and insert your X\P disk. It will auto run, all you have to do is NOT PICK THE UPGRADE PATH, but pick the fresh installation path. It will find drive D and ask if you want it there. Pick y.

Now the only other thing to be wary about is the file system. If you want both drives to see each other pick fat32.

The machine will load X\P and you will now a duel boot system.

Good luck.

  leo49 11:48 10 Jan 2003

If the above is all a bit intimidating,alternatively acquire one of the few really essential software programs - Partition Magic - and do it the easy, more user-friendly way.

Regards Leo49

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