Partitioning Hard Disc - Advantages?

  Goldcroft 21:36 29 Apr 2003

I have a 120 Gb hard disk which is not partitioned. Should I have partitioned it and what are the advantages of so doing. Should I bother? I take it that trying to do it now with programmes and files already on it will be a hassle. Would be grateful to have any answers or advice.

  powerless 21:40 29 Apr 2003

I now have 2 Partitons.

C = 107GB Windows XP

D = 6GB Backup

All downloaded drivers etc go onto D

If something happens to C i will format it and theninstall everything from D.

Saves time.

  King Diamond 21:41 29 Apr 2003

Yes it should be partitioned.

1. It makes defragging easier and quicker.
2. One partition can hold a backup of your system.
3. Files are organised better.
4. When re-installing windows you only need to install in the root C: and your files on D,E,F ect remain intact.

It's a definate for partitioning in my opinion.

  jimv7 21:47 29 Apr 2003

1 small partition of about 1 to 1.5gb or more for cd writing software to use instead of 'C' drive.

5 to 10gd or more for my docs and any thing else you wish to save instead of saving to 'C'

At least you can then format and reinstall with all your work/letters saved.

I have 6 hard drives and nothing is saved to 'C' drive except the programme files.

All on one drive, if it goes down you have lost the lot, so spreading it out is safer, but also save to cd and keep it in a safe place.

  leo49 21:54 29 Apr 2003

With the rapid growth in HDD size, partitioning is a necessity.

1 The bigger the partition size the bigger the minimum cluster=more wasted space.

2 Minimise fragmentation - I have separate partitions for swapfiles/all temp files,downloading,and music format conversions.

3 Which leads to rapid defragging 2x80gb HDDs in well under 10 minutes.

4.It allows logical organisation of files and folders isolated from the OS's - I have 18 partitions all told over 2 HDDs.

5.Multibooting - I have 6 OS's

6.Easy creation and restore of Drive Images and backups.

Quite frankly, I can't comprehend why anyone wouldn't partition.


  zaach 21:59 29 Apr 2003

Any ideas on which to use when partitionig running disc, Partition Manager or the other one the name of which currently escapes me?

  powerless 22:01 29 Apr 2003

"3 Which leads to rapid defragging 2x80gb HDDs in well under 10 minutes." D take seconds to defrag.

C takes a minute or two.

  leo49 22:10 29 Apr 2003

I'm very happy for you - I was comparing it to the poor souls who post on here saying it takes all night.:o) The time taken is only relative to the contents and the amount of use made of the drive.

  powerless 22:15 29 Apr 2003


D, only gets used when there's something new out there to add.

C, well all the time because XP is on it but i have not installed any large programs yet so space is a happy 6GB of the 107 that it not being used.

  powerless 22:17 29 Apr 2003

101GB that is not used.

  leo49 22:20 29 Apr 2003

Slightly different situation with me - I've only got just over 30gb free out of 160gb and there's a lot of turnover.

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