Partitioning and Formatting HELP :-(

  freakbrothers 14:10 19 Apr 2003


Im having major headaches with this new drive I got of someone.

Its a Western Digital SE with the 8Mb cache.

The drive is split into 2:

C:was NTFS
D:was Fat32 ( I think)

Now, all I wanted to do was to reformat the disk, change the partition sizes to what I require, and install fresh XP on their.

I cant seem to handle the Fdisk part.
I can get in their, it acknowledges the NTFS, and the Fat32 layout. It also asks if I want to enable Large Disk Support, to which I said Yes.

According to Fdisk, I can get rid of the primary partition, which is the Active one, under NTFS.
The problem lies in the extended partition.
It recognises it, but cant delete it because Logical Drives are defined.
When entering into the screen to look at the logical drives, it states their are no logical drives.
If I try to install a logical drive, it says that it already exists, and their is no room for more.

What am I doing wrong?
Someone please help, Ive had a way long night on this stupid machine!



  woodchip 14:26 19 Apr 2003

Get Partition Magic it makes it a simple task

  Kitz E Kat 14:29 19 Apr 2003

Hi Freddy, funny you should mention that!!!
Was doin the same thing last night.
I was trying to load Linux on a HD that had allready been partitioned similar to yours, in the end i just booted of the Linux CD ( inyour case The XP) and during the installation i was give < and took the opertunity to delete the partitions, if im not mistaken you can do the same with XP, give it a shot,it did work for me.
As to why you cant just delete the partition in FDISK, dammed if i know, sorry>

  pj123 14:29 19 Apr 2003

Using Fdisk you need to delete all logical drives first, then delete all extended partitions, then delete primary partitions.

then re-make primary partition and any extended partitions you want and then format primary partitions and extended partitions before installing any operating system.

  Big Elf 14:31 19 Apr 2003

This link was posted by DieSse in an earlier thread click here

  freakbrothers 14:36 19 Apr 2003

thanks for the responses people, much appreciated!

PJ, im sure I tried it in that order about 10hrs ago, but I'll give it another go now!

Kitz E Kat, headache innit?!!!
Man, my eyes are redder than a rasta's and I aint even smoked anything!! (yet ;-)

Hmm, ill try those out, and also give Partition magic a shot

Thanks for all the help people. Ill let you know how it goes


  powerless 14:37 19 Apr 2003

Use the Windows Setup to delete partitions its more user friendly.

Just higlight the partiton then press "D" and then "L" to confirm deltion.

You will see it go from from 2 to 1.

Then press "C" to create a partition and then set up your partiton sizes.

You will then have tw partitions, install XP to C. then when your in Windows you can format the other partiton.

  powerless 14:38 19 Apr 2003

Winodws XP comes without the Typos ;-)

  powerless 14:38 19 Apr 2003

lol oh dear

  Felix 9115 14:40 19 Apr 2003

I'm fairly sure FDisk doesn't handle drives that have NTFS file systems on them - if you have the XP installation CD why not change your machine to boot from CD ROM and load XP directly from it. Not sure if any partition choices are given at the installation stage though. I'm certain others may advise on that.

  Rayuk 15:43 19 Apr 2003

As Powerless states now you have deleted the Primary partition if you start with your XP cd setup you will get the option of repartitioning.
Small note;check your drive letters when you have partitioned,if they are not C,D,E etc delete them then repartition again and letters should then be ok.

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