Partitioning & Formatting 2nd Disk.

  earlval 10:56 06 May 2003

Further to help received from you guys out there, I have re partitioned and formatted both of the disks on my system, using Fdisk & Format from a floppy 98SE startup disk.
Disk 1. Partitioned as primary plus extended with one logical within. Formatted as drives C & D. no problems what so ever.
Disk 2. Partitioned as extended with three logical within. Formatted as E, F & G. with no problems.
However when I look at my handy work with Partition Magic 8, I see a small amount of space BEFORE drive E on disk 2 amounting to 8.2Mb. Thinking I had done something wrong, I removed all partitions on disk 2 and re set them as before...One extended with three logical within. Reformatted again no problems. When I look for the second time the small space before the drive E is still there but now it is 7.8Mb. it normal with a two disk system as discribed above, to have this small space before the drives on disk 2. This space has no drive letter and does not show up with Winexplorer. Is it normal or am I missing something or doing something wrong.
Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated.

dont worry about it its the FAT and you cant trim it.

  mrdsgs 13:29 06 May 2003

first try resizing e: by perhaps 2mb to see if the space is usable.

if partition magic asks you which partition you want to take the space from do not proceed.

the reason for some/all of the useless space is "cluster size". Large hard drives (meaning 40gb or so upwards) by default use large clusters to enable fast access. If you decrease the cluster size (an option in partition magic) you might be able to regain a bit of the useless space but speed of disk access might suffer.


  earlval 15:23 06 May 2003

Many thanks Guys,
I have just been searching out such info items via Google and have come to understand a little more about slack etc with various FAT systems.
Appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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