Partitioning with fdisk

  Newuser3068 13:02 08 Feb 2003

I've installed a second hard drive in my machine, as a slave on the same channel as C: drive. I'm going to use the second HDD as a backup. It's a 60Gb drive and I want to partition it into two 30Gb drives.

I have got into a right mixup with Fdisk. Could anyone please take me through the exact procedure for doing this partitioning please? I'm particularly confused about whether I should be selecting primary or extended DOS partition, etc.


  AndySD 13:09 08 Feb 2003

What operating system are you using?

  Joe McG 13:19 08 Feb 2003

this will relay it to you better than I could.
click here

  Newuser3068 14:10 08 Feb 2003

Sorry - silly of me. I should have said: Windows Me.

  woodchip 14:13 08 Feb 2003

You would be better of with Partition Magic it would make the job easy for you

  Newuser3068 15:05 08 Feb 2003

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't really want to buy more software if I can avoid it - I know fdisk will do the job for me, once I can understand it!

  AndySD 15:12 08 Feb 2003
  Newuser3068 09:47 09 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone for your advice and for pointing me at useful websites.

Much appreciated.

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