Partitioning - Again!

  al7478 16:19 11 May 2007

I know there are various theories as to whether or not partitioning is useful, but, rest assured, it is not my intention to start that debate over again, i just have 2 or three question about the mechanics of it.

1) If one were to partition a hard drive in a machine with a recovery partition from the manufacturer, would this process mean losing the recovery partition and would losing it matter if one used Acronis TI10 anyway...?

2) Is there any real advantage to using third party software to manage partitions, or is there perfectly sufficient provision already with XP (Home)?

Thanks in advance...!

  al7478 17:19 11 May 2007


  rawprawn 17:56 11 May 2007

1)No you would partition the rest of your C:and Acronis will backup your Recovery if you tick the box
2)You need third party software, such as Acronis Partition Manager, or there are free ones available if you google

  al7478 18:17 11 May 2007

Why the need for 3rd party software tho?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 11 May 2007

You cannot use XP to partion a disc with dta on without losing the data.

Partion magic cando this without lossing data (but still a risky thing to do if you haven't any backup of what is on the drive).

  al7478 18:44 11 May 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat

  Diemmess 20:18 11 May 2007

1) If your new partition keeps the recovery partition untouched, it should still work. Acronis is so much better, you could dispense with the recovery partition altogether.

2) Windows XP's recovery powers are limited but just might be enough.
Acronis is the safer way provided it is used frequently and backed up while things are still going well!

  al7478 21:21 11 May 2007

but im not really worried about XP's back up ability in that sense.

it seems that i should take a backup of the system before partitioning, then make the partition, then do another backup from there, which will include the partition...? As for the recovery partition, i guess i just have to hope it stays intact while im making a partition?

rawprawn, would the recovery show up when im making a partition or would it not rveal itself, but remain intact (this seems to be the implication of your 17:56 post in your reply to my first question)?

  al7478 21:25 11 May 2007

speaking of xp's backup capability tho, i read in the acronis help section earlier that system restore might aswell be deleted from my pc, nd that that would create a bit more space?

  woodchip 21:33 11 May 2007

If you use Acronis you can do it as you want. You could even create a Full Image of the Drive,This would include all the partitions To a External USB drive for if you wanted to put it back just as it is, Then do what you want with the drive

  woodchip 21:36 11 May 2007

I did use acronis on a Medion Laptop when I upgraded the Drive from a 30Gb 4200 drive to a 60Gb 7200 drive. The Medion restore disc will still work

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