Partitioning advice required...

  Eraflooz 20:51 17 May 2003

I would like to use Partition Magic to create and maintain the partitions on my hard drive, and would like some input from you guys 'n' girls on what the best configuration for OS, data, and backup would be. I am running win98se with a 40 gig maxtor HDD. So, if some of you would like to tell me about your partition configurations, and why you set them up that way, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, yeah...right now my HDD is 20 gig c:, and 20 gig d:, with c: containing everything. Nothing at all in d: right now as I figured I'd like to get some advice from someone who knows what they are talking about! (That would be you guys!! :o)...a little butt kissing tends to get more responses! Thanks for the advice!

  BBez 20:58 17 May 2003

c:\ drive has Windows 2000 Pro set at 20Gig (fills up quick) and my d:\data is 30Gig with an e:\bak set at 30Gig for backups. (80GB HDD)

  woodchip 21:07 17 May 2003

What OS are you and check hear if you have not bought anything yet click here

  leo49 21:11 17 May 2003

The main reasons for partitioning are to increase efficiency by minimising fragmentatation and to isolate and safeguard all data in the event of OS meltdown.To gain maximum benefit everything [including Temp & Internet Temp folder, OE storage,Favorites,Downloads,etc]except OS and progs needs to be moved to their own partition[s] - in which case,for 98/ME if you've got a lot of progs, the c can be reduced to 2.5 gb max.How you carve up the remainder depends on you. I treat my HDD's as filing cabinets and each category of data has it's own partition.


  skeletal 21:14 17 May 2003

Whatever you do, make sure you back everything up before using PM. I trashed my hard drive using it and I am still not back to normal yet!

I THINK it was because I had previously used MaxBlaster to partition the disc (I note you have a maxtor drive, so you may have done the same).

I still don't know the answer and was going to continue a post I made some time ago click here, but I've been very busy (in part repairing the damage!).

I have now partioned the drive (using PM), but cannot get boot magic (I intended to have a dual boot system)to work at all.

To do it I had to go back to DOS commands, fdisk, get rid of all MaxBlaster partioning, format C (under DOS) as one big partition, reinstall everything, then run PM. It then worked.

Others may be able to help you more...I only give you the warning!!!

Good luck


  Goldcroft 21:15 17 May 2003

Some of the responses in my earlier thread may be helpful - "Partitioning Hard Disc - Advantages?"
For some reason this title has not been translated into a click.

  Eraflooz 21:40 17 May 2003

So your saying c: contains the OS and programs at 2.5 gigs max. Then everything else can be in it's own partion, say d:. From there, personal data is categorized something like this(eg)...e:My Music, f:My Video, g:Work Related, h:Backup.
When creating backups, what all needs to be backed up? Besides personal files of course. And do I need system files in any of the other paetitions?

  leo49 22:01 17 May 2003

To check how much space you need, look at the size of your Program Files folder and your Windows folder via properties. Add those 2 together and I usually add on about 1gb for luck.Assuming you haven't got an extraordinary number of huge programs,the 2 folders plus added space shpuld be roughly 2.5 or less.

My own personal arrangement is a bit eccentric as I multiboot and I like to keep a lean and organised PC.

So I have one smallish partition for all Temp folders/paging files[You have to tell Windows the new location of these and programs that use temp files in operation,eg,Nero,music editing progs,etc]for all my OS's.

Then pretty much as you say.I have partitions for Downloads,File format conversion,Music albums,MP3 singles,Movies,Graphics,Personal Data[including Favourites and OE storage],Backup of Personal Data,Copies of Installed Programs,Drive Images of all my OS's.

I rely on Drive Image for backup of OS's and store them on opposite HDD's and occasionally to CDR.Important personal stuff on opposite HDD's and CDR.Everything else is on CD or CDR already so is replaceable.

Before you partition relabel your CDRW and DVD drives to Y and Z so they're out of the way.

Assuming you've got your 98se disc and Boot floppy then no need to copy system files.


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