Partitioning 250Gb external hard drive

  Splodge 12:48 30 Aug 2006

Good Morning:
I have Xp on one drive (120Gb) and Vista on another drive (200Gb) although I could move that one to another 120Gb drive.

I also have a 250Gb Western Digital USB2 external drive which I would like to partition to make it a back-up for the two operating systems.

Can anyone point me to an easy (and cheap) program to do that.

And, will it be a problem to copy across since the 200Gb only contains about 110Gb currently?

Thanks in advance!

  anskyber 12:51 30 Aug 2006

click here|623991677&gclid=CP38iLSsh4cCFTeEEAodQ2pAZA

  jimv7 12:53 30 Aug 2006

Instead of partitioning, why not just create separate folders for xp and vista on the external drive.

  Splodge 13:07 30 Aug 2006

To answer the 2nd reply first, I have Acronis v8 but that does not let me partition the USB Drive... will v9?.

Second, If I use files, I cannot reformat my main drive and then make a mirror copy as I usually do with Acronis (I have another 120Gb drive which I also use) so that I can change the jumpers and the second drive immediately runs, or will it?

Bit stupid really aren't I. I should have kept all my drives the same size!

  DieSse 13:10 30 Aug 2006

Windows will let you partition the drive. In the Control Panel, under Computer Management, then Disk Management.

  DieSse 13:14 30 Aug 2006

BTW - I'm not sure if Acronis will let you clone to seperate partitions, as opposed to drives. Clone a drive generally means just that - a physical drive. I don't know the latest versions, you'll have check the documentation.

Images are much simpler in that repect, and you don't have to partition to store images - though reloading an image takes longer.

  Splodge 13:25 30 Aug 2006

I have been looking at that path: it will let me format but I cannot see any opportunity to divide the drive into separate paths!

What am I missing?

  Splodge 13:27 30 Aug 2006

However, I will try the file approach, if I doesn't work I can always return to my current format using Acronis!

Thank you for your advice!

  Splodge 14:13 30 Aug 2006

Thanks for the pointer; I went to the Western Digital web site and it gave the same instructions as you but went on with further instructions.

I have successfully set partitions!

Thanks again!

  woodchip 14:14 30 Aug 2006

It's not Acronis True Image that does it. You need Acronis Disc Director Suite 10 click here

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