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Partitioned system C & D and system restore

  Daisy22 15:38 10 Feb 2006

I've been trying to help my friend who knows even less than me about PCs to do a system restore.
She has windows XP, and each time I've tried to restore it always comes back saying it wasn't possible.
Is it because she has two partitions with her system?
How can we get round this, i.e. will it be ok to turn off the partition in each system during the process of system restore, without her losing any of her files etc.

  Daisy22 18:33 10 Feb 2006

It goes through the process of system restore, but once it has re-started the pc there is a message in the system restore box that simply says "it was unable to restore" and below in red is the date I tried to restore it to.

I don't understand anything about partitioned drives so just wondered if it was because of this it wouldn't restore.

She has been having quite a few problems one way or another with her PC, I thought this might be the easiest way to correct it.

She did have incredimail a while back and thought she'd removed it, but told me that she got error messages saying "can't remove..... it might affect how programmes operate", but she carried on regardless. Hence, me trying to restore it back to before this date so I can remove incredimail properly for her (hopefully)

  woodchip 18:43 10 Feb 2006

As she got System Restore CD. Not windows Sys'Restore. As you can restore to factory settings if she as. Do not change partitions this as nothing to do with Win’Restore not working and the D:\Partition may have drivers and software on it that as to be loaded from the Factory CD loader

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