partitioned hard drive help plase

  paulhis777 16:07 27 Feb 2010

Hello please can you help me

I have a packard bell imedia mc 2669 pc win, xp bought in 2007
I have a 250gb partitioned hard drive on my pc
But I want to revert it back to a non partitioned drive
I did not partition this drive it came like that

I have bought a new 350 gb Sata internal hard drive
I want the new 350gn drive to be my c drive
And the old drive 250gb as my d drive
What I need to know is if I partition the 250gb drive will I lose all my data on it !
Anyone have writing instructions on how to do this

Thank you paul

  GaT7 16:21 27 Feb 2010

There are various ways around this, but what I would suggest doing is cloning the system partition of your 250Gb drive to the newer 350Gb drive.

Then once you are able to safely boot off the 350Gb alone, re-connect the 250Gb hard drive & backup the other partition (if required) to the 350Gb drive by simply copying + pasting.

The above steps takes care of backing-up both the 250Gb drive's partitions & the entire drive as a whole.

Next, go into Disk Management & delete both partitions on the 250Gb drive. Then create a single large partition & format it.

Now you're left with 2 drives, both having a single large partition. I'll be back to suggest a suitable cloning program.... G

  GaT7 16:26 27 Feb 2010

You can use the free EASEUS Todo Backup click here - from the description:

"Meanwhile, EASEUS Todo Backup is useful if you want to replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk..."

Just make sure to do it slowly, carefully & avoid any distractions, as you only want to choose the correct drives / partitions for each operation. Hope it goes well. G

  paulhis777 16:39 27 Feb 2010

and thanks for the super fast replys !!!!
i thought that i would have to go into dos !
to do all of this ?
i have the master disc i made to restore my pc would i need to do that to my new 350gb drive >
many thanks paul

  GaT7 16:56 27 Feb 2010

Hi Paul, I'll try to give you a step-by-step guide:

1. With the PC off & mains power disconnected, install the 350Gb & connect both data & power cables

2. Reconnect power & boot up normally into Windows (so you're working off your older 250Gb drive for the time being)

3. Prepare the new drive by formatting it in Disk Management (DM for short) click here (post in the thread if you have any problems at this point)

4. Download & install EASEUS Todo Backup (let's say ETB for short). Extract the setup file & run it to install. Restart your PC to complete installation

5.....continues in next post - complete the above for now. G

  paulhis777 17:09 27 Feb 2010

thank you g
before i do that when i install my new drive will i have an option for SLAVE DRIVE OR MASTER DRIVE ?
thank paul

  GaT7 17:18 27 Feb 2010

If I'm not mistaken, I think both are SATA drives, so you don't need to do anything apart from connecting the 2nd drive to any available SATA header on the motherboard. And don't forget to also connect a spare power cable to it. G

  paulhis777 17:35 27 Feb 2010

justb open pc
no slot for new drive and no cables

  GaT7 17:53 27 Feb 2010

If that's the case, then there are ways around this depending on what you already have. Let's start at the beginning.

a. The new drive, what kind of hard drive is is - IDE or SATA?

b. Are you sure there's nowhere you could fit a hard drive? Does the PC have at least one 5.25" bay free (the type that houses the CD-DVD drives)?

c. If yes to the above, then you could use a 5.25" to 3.5" bay converter, so not a problem there

d. If the new drive is IDE, can you connect it to the IDE header on the motherboard (MB), assuming it has this? Lack of a data cable is not a problem as you could buy one

e. If the new drive is SATA, does the MB have at least one spare SATA header? SATA data cables are readily available so no problem

f. If you've run out of power connectors, you could buy a splitter cable, that converts one connector into two. So no problem there either. We'll just need to know what kind of drive the new one is - SATA / IDE.

Anyway, get back about the above & we'll see what we can do. G

  paulhis777 18:09 27 Feb 2010

thank you g
big help to me
the drive is sata
and yes i have room to install in dvd drive compartment

the sata header there are 2 one which is dark blue which is connected to the 250gb drive one spare which is white looks the same to me
i have check there is no spare power cable
what i`m annoyed about i told pc world guy what i was doing i gave him all the info no mention of cables

thanks again g can i contact you in the week as pc world is closed now
thnak paul

i sahll make a list what i need to buy

  GaT7 18:27 27 Feb 2010

Right, as you have a spare 5.25" bay, these are what you need:

1x 5.25 to 3.5" bay converter like click here

1x SATA data cable like click here (or the locking/angled ones on the same page)

1x Serial ATA Power Splitter like click here. But you'll need to have at least one molex-type connector from the PSU, which looks like click here. It doesn't need to be free, as we'll be splitting it into two. If not, get back. We'll need to use an adapter as well.

I think it would be tough for anyone to know what you need if they don't have an idea about what you have & haven't already. Most users who DIY will know if they need to buy a cable or not. G

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