Partition XP HD

  David4637 14:57 22 Jan 2005

1. Has any one used Ranish to partition a drive? I wish to create an extra partition to the existing C: drive, making a D: drive for data.

2. How would you use this prog to do this?
Thanks David

  David4637 15:17 23 Jan 2005

Any help appreciated Thanks David

  Diemmess 18:45 23 Jan 2005

I know you have a later thread which asks much the same thing, but there you say it is too complicated!

I have only used Partition Magic which isn't free anyway, but Ranish seems to have supporters on this forum.

As I understand it these programs work, work well, but it is only sensible to take care at the various steps.

Ground rules are: - to clear as much rubbish or old files as you can first. CClean is excellent for this.

You will then know how much of your HD is used and have an idea how much is left to make a new partition. Whatever partitioning program you use, follow the prompts, and be generous with how much you allow Drive C: to keep for itself. I would add at least 25% to what is already used, and if you can give it more than that - better.

Partition Magic gives a pictorial view with sliders and figures as well. It stores up your commands, prompt by prompt until you tell it to actually make the changes..... That last command is the breath holder, because there is no way to undo, but you have had opportunities all along the way to back out if you were nervous!

  Kegger 18:51 23 Jan 2005

I completly aggree with Diemmess, follow the prompts. kegger

  David4637 13:59 25 Jan 2005

Thanks for your replies. I have PMagic V5 which does not like XP (NTFS), so I went to Ranish and DL the stable version. When I ran it, it said, insert a floopy. On my PC there is NO floppy, hence my query above.

Has anyone used another free Partitioning tool?
Thanks David

  David4637 17:14 26 Jan 2005


  Jeffers22 17:24 26 Jan 2005

I would suggest that it might be worth approaching Symantec with a view to upgrading your Partition Magic to version 8. Other than Ranish, I do not know of any other free partitioning software that would suit.

Another option is to buy a floppy drive and install it so you can use your copy of Ranish. Brand new they are under a tenner. Personally, I'd never be without a floppy disk drive.

  mattyc_92 17:31 26 Jan 2005

If you take Jeffers22's suggestion about the floppy disk drive and you don't or can't be bothered to installl an internal one, you can get a exterenal one which connects to your USB slot and is also under £10

  David4637 16:45 27 Jan 2005

Does Ranish open a normal window or is it a DOS command type of thing? I have read his web site, its NOT an easy site to understand - I am no new comer.

I must admit I do miss the floppy drive for moving small progs between 2 PCs. Thanks for your replies David

  mattyc_92 16:47 27 Jan 2005

I haven't used "Ranish" before, I just use "Partition Magic"

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