Partition W7 with Acronis

  Portly 14:14 01 Feb 2011

Newly purchased 64 bit Windows 7 PC supplied with 500 Gb disk with one small hidden partition, (containing recovery files) and the main partition. I would have liked to repartition with C: drive approx 100 G and then two approx 200 Gb drives.

Using W7 partition it was only able to shrink C: drive to something over 50 % of drive, due to " unmoveable files ".

In this state, it is not even possible to use the second partition as a back for C:, since it is not big enough.

Will Acronis Disk Director 11, re - partion my hard drive as I wish.

  MAT ALAN 15:09 01 Feb 2011

backing up to the same HDD is not a good idea, if your drive suffers catastrophic failure so does your backup...
Would be better to backup to removable media (DvD) or an external HDD...

  Portly 16:10 01 Feb 2011

MAT ALAN Yes agreed. We back up all of our data to an external drive. Just using this example to show the limitation of the inbuilt partition manager.

Basically I am looking for a partition manager that will allow me to organise a 500gbit drive into sensible sizes.

  Zeppelyn 16:30 01 Feb 2011

Partition Wizard will do this for you and its free and similar to Acronis.

click here

  Portly 16:52 01 Feb 2011

Hi Zeppelyn. Thanks for the link. Out of experience, can you confirm that it will shrink an existing partion passsed the point where immovable files reside.

It is the good ladies new machine, and I hesitate to do anything that will mean downloading all her games yet again. The old PC had been causing trouble for some time, and she is beginning to doubt my " technical prowess !!!!!"

  robin_x 18:50 01 Feb 2011

I wonder if they are immoveable because 'In Use' and Windows Disk Management won't do them at re-boot?

I have had no problems with Partition Wizard or Easeus Partition Master Free or Paragon Partition Manager Free adjusting C: partition.

They do it on a forced re-boot I am sure.

My Compaq has a 200MB unlabelled:SYSTEM partition with 60MB of files. It is a boot partition.

My D: is 13.something GB and is the Compaq Recovery Bloatware and W7 OS partition.

I would not advise messing with your D:

Apart from resizing it if it is way bigger than 60MB.

Partition for System Image is of course not recommended. But if no ext HDD available it is useful. I shuffle images around and a large non-C: partition is useful.

Also if you keep one there, it won't prevent disc failure catastrophe, but it's bloody useful for a 'clean install' after virus or tinkering.
ie you are making your own Factory Image.

My 60GB images take about 40mins to USB.
I make them frequently.

Have fun

  robin_x 18:51 01 Feb 2011

'Your D:'. I meant 'your hidden partition'

  woodchip 19:14 01 Feb 2011

If you change the size of the Partitions on the main drive your Recovery CD will no longer work

  woodchip 19:16 01 Feb 2011

If you want to create Partitions, You should first create a working Image of the Drive to a External USB drive using Acronis

  Portly 19:34 01 Feb 2011

Hi woodchip, haven't got a Recovery CD, just a partition on the hdd. This shows as a small partition "in front of" the main partition C: I do not intend to touch this in any way.

This should give me a factory restore if ever I needed it, and presumably would reformat the rest of the hdd as one big partition. That is how it came.

It seemed quite simple and logical to split the ginormous partition using W7 shrink, and partition create. Indeed that is what I have done. Every thing still working nicely.

The problem is, that shrink will only allow you to shrink " down " to the point on the hdd where the un-moveable files are stored. I am still left with a C: partition of over 250 Gbits, where I would like one of about 100.

Presumably the un-moveable files are the system files, or perhaps I am just too old to grasp these things now.

  Portly 19:48 01 Feb 2011

To explain further, I would like to downsize the active partition so that I can back it up on another part of the drive. I know that if the drive fails both partitions will be crackered. But when the wife knacks something, ( as she will ), I could just restore it. At present because C: is still over half of the hdd, windows says that it cannot back up C: because my new partiton is not big enough. ( Well it wouldn't be... shrink wouldn't give me anymore !!!!! )

I have Aronis Image 9 on my other machines ( XP ), and it is great. But I have a new machine with a warranty seal on the case. So I cannot just plonk in a second internal hdd. I also do not want at this stage to fork out for Acronis true Image (11) ??

So the question is, How do I move these un- moveable files out of the way, without upsetting the wifes new toy ????

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