Partition USB drive

  dlguk 14:41 27 Nov 2009

Paragon Manager 2009 and Drive Copy2009

Hi using the above, can I partition a USB 250Gig h/drive with about 20gig of data on it and use the created partition to back up my C drive without loosing the data on the external drive?
Seems feasible, just need some reassurance and guidance if I have got it wrong, ty

  MAT ALAN 14:49 27 Nov 2009

If you thionk you are going to get it wrong don't do it.

Why muck about with a partition just send it to your USB drive with your chosen software to a folder labeled "backup"...

  gengiscant 14:55 27 Nov 2009

You could copy the data to a folder on your C drive, then back up your C drive, do you mean make a copy or clone of your C drive?.

  canarieslover 15:00 27 Nov 2009

If you are intending to do an exact copy of your C: drive then it will need to be to the primary partition on your external drive. I should think that the best way would be to partition the external drive and then move the data that is on it to the second partition so that Drive Copy can use the primary to write to. Not having used Drive Copy I am only making an educated guess with this.

  T0SH 15:13 27 Nov 2009

From my experience of using Paragon drive copy, it does exactly what the title says and makes a copy of the bootable source drive or partition to create a bootable copy on the destination drive, in doing so it will overwrite anything that is currently on the destination drive

Cheers HC

  T0SH 15:25 27 Nov 2009

I have just remembered, "Paragon Drive Backup 9 Express" (free for personal use) is probably the tool you are looking for

It works it creates a restorable full backup of your drive to a folder on your external drive

It will help you to create a bootable Recovery CD for use in the event of a drive failure

It can also it can be scheduled to do incremental backups

Cheers HC

  dlguk 15:49 27 Nov 2009

Thank you all, yes I wish to make a clone to restore my system should it fail or for after a reformat (which is well over due). I also have to keep the existing data intact, it where I have been storing a lot of stuff off of the C drive.
Gengiscant I did start to do what you suggested but as it was going to take some time I thought I would consult the experts. If I did what you said could I then send the data back to a partition and have one partition to back up to? Is that English :)


  dlguk 16:05 05 Dec 2009

I have bought a new h/drive and through Computer Manager have set a Primary partition, however I can label the rest of the drive unless I make that primary too?
I want to be able to make a total backup of my system and use the rest of the disk for storage.
I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you

  gengiscant 09:01 06 Dec 2009

Might be better if you close this post and make a new one, as it is a new problem.

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