Partition size for Win 98 SE

  Marty1 22:05 19 Sep 2003

Heeding advice, I want to partition my hard drive so that one partition just contains the operating system. How big will it need to be to store Win 98 SE?

  pj123 22:14 19 Sep 2003

How big is your total hard drive to start with?
You will also find that some programmes you wish to install will not install anywhere else except on the C: drive so you need to allow for this as well.

  Marty1 22:19 19 Sep 2003

Its only 15Gb

  DieSse 22:46 19 Sep 2003

You'll have an easier time partitioning it 10 + "the rest". Then use "the rest" for saved downloads and security copies of your ducuments/emails/address book/etc.

  pj123 22:47 19 Sep 2003

My own opinion would be to leave it as it is. But if you still want to try it download this free disk manager ranish from click here it will partition the drive without loss of any data already on it. Try a partition of 7gb on C: and the rest on D:. If you are not happy then ranish will put it back to the start point so you can start again. Another option would be to buy another hard drive.

  keith-236785 00:03 20 Sep 2003

depends what you want to put on drive D:

if you intend at some stage to try win XP, try to leave a large amount for winxp, try setting C: as 5gig and D: as 10 gig.

windows 98SE will happily live on 5gig

  Mango Grummit 02:44 20 Sep 2003

Just the OS?

What are your intentions for programs and data?

If you really mean just the OS then 2gig is OK and will allow more than ample breathing space.

  tbh72 02:49 20 Sep 2003

My 98se sit's in a partition of 2gb, some might consider this to be extremely misely. Virtually all other software is installed on D: drive. When I chose the size of 2gb I done it more for speed and also taking into account that it requires regular formatting 9-18 months.

  Marty1 14:16 20 Sep 2003

Am new to this so will ask your patience if I don't pick up on something first time....the 15Gb drive has been recently purchased (at the moment running Win 95 on a 10Gb)...I had read that it was a good idea to put just the operating system on separate partition (in case it needs formatting and re-installing in future) but hadn't thought about the 'rest'. I won't be using XP on this computer.

  leo49 14:35 20 Sep 2003

As pj123 said above,most programs will make registry entries in "C" even if the programs are installed in a separate partition so that formatting and reinstalling Windows will still necessitate the reinstallation of those programs to restore file paths,etc.

Personally I consider it more important to isolate your documents and data from the OS & programs so that they'll be preserved in case of mishap.

  pj123 13:17 22 Sep 2003

leo49, exactly. I have a 40gb hard drive partitioned 20/20. On c: are the the O/S plus all my programmes, drivers, internet connections, anti virus, firewalls etc. d: has all my docs, photos, downloads, personal files. d: is also backed up to CD regularly.

Marty1, why not leave the 10gb as it is and install the 15gb as a slave and use it to store all your personal stuff on. You can "drag and drop" all your personal stuff from c: to d: to isolate it from any mishaps.

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