Partition size for backups

  Pinochio 18:52 10 Aug 2003

I curently run Windows 98 and am about to set up a new partition for Windows XP. I would like to set up a third partitoion to store back-ups for both operating systems.

My question is: how big should the back-up partition be (I don't want to waste space!)?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

  Pinochio 19:20 10 Aug 2003


I should have mentioned that I only want to know how much space I should allocate for system back-ups, I intend to back-up my data files to CD.

  powerless 19:32 10 Aug 2003

System Backup?

Are you using a third party product?

  Peter 19:42 10 Aug 2003


It all depends....

How much data is on each of the systems. With compression you should be able to halve the total file size. i.e. if you have 3G on a partition you should end up with a 1.5G to 2G backup file. You will need to allow for each partition plus a bit (say 1G) to spare.

Remember that under a FAT32 partition there is a file size limit of (I beleive) 4G max. It is much larger under NTFS, but that might introduce other problems.

Do you intend to use something like Norton Ghost or Drive Image for the backup?


  Pinochio 09:52 11 Aug 2003

Thanks for your advice. I have been using Aid System Restorer to back up my main Windows 98 files and the main files of the programs I use. I don't know which files it backs up so can't use the size of the back up to estimate how much space will be taken up by any XP back up.

If this info helps you to give me any more advice I would be grateful for it.

  Cesar 12:15 11 Aug 2003

Go to Windows Explorer right click on your HDD click on Properties and it will tell you how much is used and how much free space make your partition larger than used, you will have to judge what amount.

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