partition removal for fresh xp installation

  gartoye 12:51 25 Feb 2005

ive got a shiny new xp professional SP2 cd, which i am about to use for a clean install to replace my 98se/xp dual boot, which is partitioned to logical drives c: and d:. i just want a plain c: drive running xp pro. i know xp formats the hard disk during istallation, but my question is this: will the xp format procedure wipe out logical drives c: and d: and replace them with a simple c:? (which is what i want), or do i need to format the hard disk myself first? ive got a 98 boot floppy which contains fdisk, do i need to use this to prepare the hard disc? one last question, NTFS or FAT 32?? (fdisk only offers FAT 32) PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!

  harps1h 12:57 25 Feb 2005

when you load in the xp disk you will get the option to delete the existing partition/s or create a new one. dlete them then create a new one. use ntfs

  gartoye 13:03 25 Feb 2005


  Jeffers22 13:04 25 Feb 2005

From memory,in the XP set up routine there is a bit that allows you to fiddle with the partitions.
If so, then you are OK, if not use your 98 boot disk to set it all up with just one partition.

Personally, I would always have a second partition for data storage, but each to his/her own.

FAT32 Vs NTFS. In my view NTFS is overkill for the home user, the only reason I can see for having NTFS as a home user is if you need the ability it has (and FAT32 dos not) for dealing with humungous file sizes, e.g. in video editing. Even then an NTFS data partition is sufficient.

The downside of NTFS for the home user is the difficulty that the more security conscious file system will present you with when you need to fix things that break. For example, your 98 boot disk will not allow you to start the PC and fiddle about in DOS if it is NTFS.

Do a google search on FAT Vs NTFS and you will see lots of debate which is passionate on both sides of the question.

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