Partition Problem

  SB23 19:09 02 Oct 2006

With reference to my other posting, click here, when I reinstalled my OS I put it on a partition to see if it would help with the problems that I have been having lately.
I just had a thought and I've looked under disk management, and I have a lovely healthy hard drive that is 10Gb, with 64.53Gb unallocated, and the 10Gb is filling up quickly.

Is there a way to get my 80Gb drive back, without having to reinstall everything all over again? Can I move things around?

And there I was thinking the day couldn't get any worse, lol.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 02 Oct 2006

Within disk management, you can right click on the unallocated space and format it. Keep the 10GB for your OS and program installation and the rest can hold your data: emails, my documents etc.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 02 Oct 2006

By the way, to the best of my knowledge there is no way to combine the two partitions without using a third party tool such as partition magic.

  SB23 20:03 02 Oct 2006

Can I copy files / programs that are already on the 10Gb partition to the new partition. Or is that making hard work for myself?
Btw, the 10Gb was originally meant for the OS, not the other stuff.
Another question, when I install a program how do I know where its going to go?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:05 02 Oct 2006

I'd leave the programs already installed on the 10GB partition as well as continue to isntall other programs to that partition.

You can move any data files to the new one.

When installing programs you are usually asked where you want them to go. It's generally into the program files section of C drive but you can decide for yourself. Best to put them all into C anyway in my view.

  Ptolemy 20:16 02 Oct 2006

SB23 - you can re-allocate the location of "My Documents" to your other parition (once it's formatted).

Click on "My Computer" then click on the "Up one level" icon in the toolbar.

Right-click on "My Documents" and select "Move" & browse to the desire location.

  Ptolemy 20:18 02 Oct 2006

forgot to say....

You will be asked if you want to copy any existing files over to the new location - I'm not sure if it moves everything or copies it leaving a copy in c:\

  terryf 21:48 02 Oct 2006

Rather than move 'My documents', I have created new folders on my D drive called Dossier, pics, tunes, etc and have left the original My Docs on C but I dont use them. I have also put a large fixed size page file on D with a minimum fixed size one on C

  woodchip 21:57 02 Oct 2006

You cannot move programs, You need to reload after removing from Add Remove then do a Custom install so you can load them to the other partition

  Ptolemy 22:25 02 Oct 2006

terryf - it's all down to personal preference, but relocation "My Documents" has several advatanges - the start menu shortcuts all work correctly and the "Save to..." options go to the right place.

tweak Ui makes it very easy click here

  SB23 11:08 03 Oct 2006

I'm going to tick now, as with everything that you've all said and suggested, I've also found July issue of PCA.
On the last page of the article, Build Your Own Pc, there is a paragraph about arranging your folders, and this also helps.
So, it just remains for me to say thankyou to all.


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