Partition or Second hard drive

  jamiedude 13:28 19 Mar 2004

I have two questions,first is there a difference between a hard drive and a hard disk and if so what is the difference.Second question,is it better to have a large hdd(say 120gbt)and partition it in to two or more,or,have two seperate hdd's(say a 40gbt C drive and a 80gbt secondary drive).I currently have two hdd's,a 20gbt C drive, and a 40gbt secondary D drive,I use the secondary D drive to store all my video footage for editing.
I am thinking of buying a new pc with more gbt space as well as a faster cpu and would like your advise.

  edstowe 14:00 19 Mar 2004

As far as I know, hard disk and hard drive are interchangeable terms.

Regarding partition vs 2 x disks, two disks every time. If you have only one disk and it fails (and they most certainly do fail) you've lost everything. Two disks (a full backup on the second one) and you're not quite so deeply in the mire.


  pj123 14:48 19 Mar 2004

I tend to agree with edstowe. I have 2 drives, one is a 40gb partitioned in to 2 x 20gb and the other is an 80gb drive partitioned as 1 x 20gb and 1 x 60gb. My primary master C: has been copied (using xxcopy) to my secondary master D: as a failsafe.

  jamiedude 19:07 19 Mar 2004

Thanks for that advise,I thought two drives would be better than just a partitioned one.What you say makes good sense.

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