To partition or not to partition.

  PhlipChip 14:25 02 Mar 2003

I have a dual boot system and I am formatting my 20GB HDD and want to install XP as my primary OS (my secondary 6.2 GB HDD will have Win2k on it). I normally partition my drives so as to have nice tidy areas for each 'topic' ie, games, office, misc, etc, but a colleague is advising me to ditch the partitions stating my system will be faster and more stable if I have one large partition.
Is he correct? What are the real benefits ?

  Pesala 16:09 02 Mar 2003

I think your colleague is right. The fastest part of the disk is at the beginning of the first partition, the second partition begins somewhere in the middle. Problems on other threads indicates that you may soon have "disk full" problems if you divide your already small drive into partitions.

Can you not install another hard disk?

  « Ravin » 16:17 02 Mar 2003

i beg to differ, there's nothing wrong with partitioning your hard disk. but give xp a lot of room so you don't start geting out of disk space messages .

just a suggestion,on the primary hdd create a primary partition for installing xp with 8 gb and partition the rest of the 20 gb as you wish.i think you will have slightly more than 10gb of space left. consider 2 partitions one for programs and one for files. i'll leave that to you. :o)

the 2nd disk is very small 6 gb? so i think you should leave that alone make that one big partition and install win2k on it.

  DieSse 16:24 02 Mar 2003

It's an issue with many views, and many pitfalls.

On a 20Gb drive, I would partition it 15Gb for the main partition, and then the rest.

I would use the 4(ish) partition for downloads, utilities and drivers, plus a quick data backup.

The main partition I would leave for the OS and programs and day-to-day operations.

The reasoning behind this is - the main partition is not particularly big or cumbersome to run with - and the smaller means that if you do ever want to rebuild the system, you can keep all the problem bits (data, downloads, drivers, etc) away from the partition you're going to reformat - much more convenient.

  PhlipChip 16:28 02 Mar 2003

Thanx for the info. I have 2 physical HDD's as mentioned which I think is plenty, giving me total space of over 26 GB. My system is EIDE with 4 channels, 2 taken up with the HDD's and one each for a CD-Rom and CD Writer. I did once install XP on a 2GB partition and got the 'full' messages you mentioned, but I think 8GB just for the OS seems a bit steep ?
As regards the 6.2GB HDD I will leave Win2k and my games on that, although I have been told that XP is more 'game friendly' ?

  « Ravin » 16:32 02 Mar 2003

well at present i'm using xp on a 9 gig partition including programs, so far everythings ok got about 4gb free, so you could install programs too on the 8 gb partition . but what ever combination you go for keep at least 1 to 1.5 gb of hard drive space free on the partition where xp is installed.

  PhlipChip 16:47 02 Mar 2003

Thanx again

I like the idea posted by DieSse about leaving one smaller partition for backup of drivers (and maybe copying the XP installation files, to XCopy over should I need to repair/reinstall via DOS).
I will probably go with installing XP and the applications on the rest of the main drive and leaving the games and Win2k on the second (6.2GB)drive.

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