partition master causes blue screen-cant boot?

  theDarkness 17:44 12 Mar 2012

The partition process at 99% gave me a blue screen with a failed to load epm driver error 0x0000007e message. i used esureas partition master. safe mode,system recovery,last known good config and repair etc dont help,i receive a black screen for most. although the user names appear in safe mode,logging in is the equivalent of attempting to create a new user. i get a message telling me that default options are being set etc,but it stays on a basic black screen-no startbar.. nothing. ctrl+alt+del works,but thats it.. i dont have another system to attempt to save files, so it looks like a full reinstall of the drive using the windows disk is the only option? during the partition process i can only assume that the real C partition is no showing or has been corrupted,despite the hd size being listed correctly?

  markd71 17:58 12 Mar 2012

Download 'Ubunto Live cd' and use it to save your files to any external facility before you do full install

  theDarkness 18:14 12 Mar 2012

thanks-everything was backed up but that will teach me never to use a third party partition program again.. the system disc for vista didnt offer a repair

  robin_x 18:49 12 Mar 2012

Easeus is usually very reliable.

Tap F8 at boot and see if you can get to Repair and a Command Prompt.

Try bootrec /fixmbr etc as detailed here

Hopefully it's only the boot files that are messed up.

  theDarkness 16:47 13 Mar 2012

thanks-I couldnt fix but Ive now reinstalled windows. easesus shows the drive with 4 seperations:

I am assuming that important easeus files, such as this missing driver that caused my blue screen may have been located in the first 'unallocated' space, shown above as 1MB? I deleted this supposedly empty area before resizing, to be left only with WinRE, C and D. Unfortunately I did not check if this 1MB of empty space was there before easeus installation, if its normally present on a windows hdd. The driver was stated as missing at the end of the partition process, so can anyone verify that the driver is usually seperate from C for safety reasons? The program didnt seem to have any issues with me removing this space, with no warning messages. I dont know how else this driver could have disappeared, and easeus has never failed on me before. thanks

  robin_x 18:09 13 Mar 2012

The small blank small are quite common when messing with partitions.

You can usually get rid of them by moving and resizing. May take a couple of attempts.

I think the Missing Driver error was just one of those things and unrelated.

There should not be anything in Unallocated space.

I would suggest trying again, but use Partition Wizard, since EPM blue screened you.

Partition Wizard also has a Bootable CD version which can be useful. Windows is not loaded.


As you have found out, a backup is strongly recommended before messing with partitions. Even if errors are rare.

Easeus Todo Backup will make a System Image for you which it is best to store on a USB external drive.

If you don't have one, I see from your linked Partition Map above, that you have just enough space to make an Image of C: and save it to D:.

Easeus Todo also lets you create a Bootable Disk (CD/DVD).

If you get a non-boot problem again, it will restore the image of C: from D:

  robin_x 18:11 13 Mar 2012
  theDarkness 20:58 13 Mar 2012

i have room on an external-ive never made a system backup but on a shared machine its common sense really when i consider how long it took to reinstall and update windows today..what felt like hrs to install around 30gb of data. if its easy and much quicker to restore from an external backup to a laptop hdd in similar trouble then ill give it a go. unfortunately the desktop isnt in use at the moment due to age alone. as for the partitions on this laptop,given that it was only 1mb,i think i should have left it alone,but i didnt realize they were common after an installation. i wonder where that driver could have gone.. if it wasnt a easeus glitch,deleting its own required file,then it was surely corrupt.. thanks

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