Partition Manager 2005

  Newuser939 10:30 24 Sep 2006

When I built my computer a couple of years ago, I did not partition the hard disk (SATA 250GB, 96GB free). I now see that backing up would be more staightforward if I had, for example, separate partitions for programs and data. Does anyone know if the version of Partition Manager on the November Cover DVD could achieve that without wiping the hard disk in the process. If not, is there aternative software which could?

  howard64 17:12 24 Sep 2006

I do not know but all partition managers can wipe a disk so first thing make sure you have a working backup before you try anything. I do not understand why you wish to partition it anyway as long as your data is in my documents and you back that folder up all should be quick and effective.

  Simsy 19:57 24 Sep 2006

Partition Manager 2005, from a cover disc, to partition a mate's new PC. It had an 80 gig that was already partitioned into (approx) 2 x 40 gig.

There was no data on the 2nd partition, but obviously the first had the windows installation on...

I was able to resize the partitions, and recreate another, with no effect on the files on the "C" partition.

You should be able to do what you intend.

I suspect you'll not have a problem, but I'll offer the folowing caveats...

I'd defrag first, to get all the existing "stuff" in one place on the HDD.

I'd back up all data in case you have a power problem while it's in progress, which could screw things up!

I don't have SATA, but I don't see that this should cause it any problems.

Good luck,



  terryf 20:02 24 Sep 2006

If you partition and then keep ALL your data on the 2nd partition, you wont lose it if windoze gets screwed up, because it can and inevitably will due to 'sods law'

  vcm 03:24 09 Oct 2006

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