Partition Magic...Anyone seen this problem???

  Les 17:10 09 Apr 2003

I am running Partition Magic Pro6 on my Pc. Have divided it up into 5 partitions, one for each family member plus a generic partition with all the basic operating software.
I tried to install an MP3 player on my daughters partition and promptly lost all the drives except C. ie DVD/cd Roms and a spare hard drive. I was stuck in a loop with windows dialogue box saying I had to reboot to alow system changes to take effect, but of course re-booting had no effect.
Can anyone help????


  crx16 17:16 09 Apr 2003

i thought PM6 only supported 4 primary partitions?

how are your partitions set up primary/logical?

  crx16 17:20 09 Apr 2003

did you create floppies for PM6,and have you tried booting from them?

  Les 17:28 09 Apr 2003

thanks for the response and you have succeeded in embarassing me thru my lack of knowledge. Ok I will need to cjeck when I get home... at the moment all I know is that I have 5 partitions ie 5 separate PC's effectively. In the mean time can you offer any advice on what/where I should be lookin for.

I really appreciate your input.


I can offer golf lessons as repayment if u are interested.

  Les 17:35 09 Apr 2003

Hmm... Ok I need to come clean.. My mate installed the software...I think he has boot floppies but I wonder if this would help. The other partitions work ok. I don't know if this helps but the mp3 player installs as another hard drive. I wonder if this fact is somehow causing the problem ie a hard drive which is perhaps not expected....???


  A15 17:35 09 Apr 2003

When using Partion Magic 5, a while back I suffered a similiar problem & lost my CD/DVD drives after partitioning. Apparently the answer (it worked for me) is to go into the hardware properties of your computer (device manager), select your CD/DVD drives individually & set each one to lastdrive=z. It has something to do with Windows only alocating the exact amount of drives at the time of installation & if you partion after installation you exceed the number of drives & Windows has a fit! That is assuming of course you can start Windows. Have you tried safe mode? in order to get Windows going.

  MartinT-B 17:38 09 Apr 2003

In my mad and impetuous days I had a 40GB HDD divided into 9 partitions (1 primary and 8 logical) I soon changed that!

I too was using PM6 (and still do at work) but never had your problem.

I'll reserve comment til you post more details.

PS Golf (to paraphrase Oscar) is a good walk, spoiled :)


  Les 17:47 09 Apr 2003

Hi Guys,
thanks fer the input, I have not tried youe suggestion A15 so I will investigate that, thanks. Martin, what extra details do you require? operating system, processor etc???

I new someone would respond with the good walk spoiled... the way I sometimes play I couldn't agree more... but I luv it.


  Simsy 17:53 09 Apr 2003

"Have divided it up into 4 partitions, one for each family member plus a generic partition with all the basic operating software."

I think you mean, from your subsequent post, that you have installed the operating system 4 times, (or perhaps copied a basic installation 3 times), and when you boot up you choose using a boot manager, (Boot Magic I presume?), which OS you want to use......

or do you mean that you have 5 partitions, one for each member of the family (4), to keep their data on, and another one that has Windows and programmes on.

Can you confirm which of these scenarios is correct... though I don't have the answer, I'm sure the correct answer depends on which it is.

(Having said that I suspect that A15 is on the right track!)



  crx16 18:03 09 Apr 2003

Les, trust me i dont know much,i set up my partitions with a step-by-step guide from 'flecc' someone who really does know.

PM wouldn't of let you set up 5 primararies anyway (if i was right)so i guess that was useless info.

i have PM7 and having the program on floppies has certainly helped me recover from disasters (of my own doing!!) but as if they'd help you?,it would be nice to try.

i wonder if its worth running 'drivemapper' a utility that renames drives when new are created,its sort of on your theme (lost drives) start\programs\pm7\drivemapper,thats if youre getting into windows.

  Les 18:04 09 Apr 2003

Hi Simsy,
I also have a good feelin about A15's auggestion but here is what I mean. I have a "generic" partition with windows 98 SE on it and most of the basic software needed by the familly eg Office,scanner software,printer etc. I then coppied this partition to make up 4 partitions/ PC's, one for each of us. These are accessed as you say through Boot Magic with seperate passwords. This means that when my son decides to tidy up his c: drive and deletes most of his system files all I do is delete his partition and copy the generic one in and he is ready to go again.



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