Partition Magic v. 8.0

  dublincity 23:16 24 Feb 2005

I recently started to use Partition Magic v. 8.0. Unintentionally, I converted my Freecom external HD from FAT32 to NTFS. I can't convert it back. [That wouldn't matter to me except that I wanted to try to install Win 98 SE in a partition.]

Partition Magic goes through the motions of converting back to FAT32 - or of making any other changes - but after clicking 'Apply Changes', which re-boots the PC, I get 'Error Message 626 - the changes can't be applied because the hard drive is not visible from boot mode'. (What does that mean?)

In other words - it won't do ANYTHING.

I've been onto the internet and a lot of people have had similar problems with Partitioning. The various, possible solutions sound too complicated for me - 'create a small DOS partition' - 'check that no parts of the drive are compressed', etc.

Can anybody advise me? Many Thanks.

  TomJerry 23:31 24 Feb 2005

I think you cannot do it becuase when the system boot, it is working on "dos" mode which does not normally support usb

Maybe you can try Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0, Acronis products have better support for external devices

The last solution: copy all files to somewhere else, reformat into fat32, of course you only do this if you can safely shift all files to safe place first

  Chegs ® 23:35 24 Feb 2005

I think its trying to tell you the HD cannot be seen in DOS,I get similar grief from a couple of SATA HD's.My "workaround" is create the rescue floppies,and run the PM from them(it works for me with DI2002)

  TomJerry 23:35 24 Feb 2005

(1) make two partitions

(2) move all data to one partion

(3) format empty partition to FAT32

(4) move data to fat32 partition

(5) format empty partition to fat32

(6) join two partitions together

Alway make a backup before any partition working

  BRYNIT 23:37 24 Feb 2005

Unable to find out using Partition Magic. Read this click here may help to convert back to fat32

  LastChip 23:39 24 Feb 2005

What happens if you attempt a reformat from within Windows?

  SEASHANTY 00:13 25 Feb 2005


  dublincity 05:35 25 Feb 2005

.......... a further problem!

Thanks for all your comments. I hadn't got as far as trying to partition my main Dive C.

I was trying to partition the Freecom external drive: Partition Manager went through the motions but any changes WOULD NOT BE APPLIED. I got the 'Error Message 626 - the changes can't be applied because the hard drive is not visible from boot mode'.

In other words - Partition Manager wouldn't do ANYTHING.

I've since tried Partition Manager on the main Dive C. It works there AND it changed a new partition from NTFS to FAT32.

The problem now is that the Freecom external drive won't be recognised by the PC. I'm trying to reinstall it. If the external drive is plugged in, the PC will neither shut down or re-start - that can only be done by pulling the plug. YEEKS!

P.S. - yes, the external drive is USB connected.

TomJerry - I couldn't make 2 partitions on the external drive - I couldn't do ANYTHING because the changes couldn't be applied.

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