Partition Magic throws some wobblies

  xania 20:32 15 Feb 2006

I have used Partition Magic for many years, working with FAT32 partitions and, in particular taking copies of operating systems and storing these in the extended partition for backup purposes, without any problems. Previous version had 98SE and XP Pro in the Primary Partition, both copied to the extended partition, and on boot up I could select either of these two - the copies of each were not seen.

There are a number of upgrades I have now madee:

* New motherboard but with the same 1GB of 2700 DDR
* from AMD 2800 Mhz Sempron to AMD 64+ 3800 MHz
* from 40 Gb EIDE to 240 Mb SATA

so, in therory things should be better - not worse.

My new system is just XP Pro, and I have converted to NTFS. The first thing I have noticed is that every change I make In Partition Magic takes an age to change. Once I have set up the changes and told Partition Maic to run the changes, everything is then fine - much faster than before. However, when I copy the Primary partition to the extended partition, I find on reboot that I can select either partition to boot from (I didn't think you could boot from an extended partition but there you go) one called XP Pro and the other XP Pro#. So - 2 questions. Why is the software so much slower in NTFS, and how can I stop the system being dual boot when I copy it to the extended partition

  Zeppelyn 22:04 15 Feb 2006

To remove dual boot you could edit your C:\Boot.ini file, locate it and double click to open, oh and check properties first as its usually read only so may have to remove tick first. Make sure default OS is pointing to the one you use and then delete second line. Save the file.

Sorry no idea about slower with NTFS as have only used PM8 with NTFS.

  xania 08:48 16 Feb 2006

Thanks Zeppelyn - I'll try that, but it does seems strange that PM8 allows this now. Anyone any ideas about the slow-down in NTFS?

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